Oleg Tytarenko 18 May 2023
Twitch`s new feature called Research

Twitch has introduced a Stream Analytics Experiment initiative, aimed at assisting streamers in keeping up with worldwide gaming trends. The platform is currently developing a feature called "Research", which enables users to strategize their upcoming streams by utilizing discovery data. This way, streamers can determine the optimal timing and category to initiate their streams…

Twitch wants the streamers who spend hours just chatting and gaming on the platform to stay well-informed. To that end, the company is launching its latest initiative called the Stream Analytics Experiment. This new feature offers streamers comprehensive information about worldwide trends and valuable insights, enabling them to strategize better and optimize their streams.

That information will be collected in one place, which is a useful change for streamers who rely on the platform and are invested in even small changes that might affect how their communities work.

Twitch utilized a series of tweets to communicate with content creators regarding the most recent update, presenting on public display two variants of this experiment.

Streamers from various genres will have access to a wide range of data encompassing multiple aspects. This information includes viewer demographics, streaming language, geographical location, popular games, and successful streamers. By gaining insights into their audience and the broader streaming environment, streamers can customize their content to align with the preferences and interests of their viewers.

In addition, the Research Analytics page will furnish details about the most widely used emotes and channels, along with valuable insights concerning viewer engagement and expansion. This comprehensive set of information equips streamers with the necessary resources to make well-informed choices regarding their streaming approaches and foster the growth of their communities.

The Research Analytics page represents the most recent addition to a sequence of updates and enhancements implemented by Twitch on its platform within the past few months.

To access the Research Analytics page, streamers can log in to their Twitch accounts and proceed to the “Stream Manager” within their “Creator Dashboard”. From there, they can choose the Research tab to reach the desired page.

Today, empowered by this newfound tool, streamers can elevate their content to new heights and foster deeper and more impactful connections with their audiences like never before.

In conclusion

Recognizing the swift expansion of the streaming industry, Twitch remains dedicated to equipping its users with the necessary resources to thrive in this fiercely competitive domain. Keeping streamers satisfied and well-informed is mission-critical for the platform’s success. This is what drives Twitch to stay in the process of continuous improvement...

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