Oleg Tytarenko 08 Feb 2023
Twitch safety

On January 26, 2023, an open letter was published on Twitch from Angela Hession (VP of Global Trust and Safety) and Alison Huffman (VP of Product for Community Health). They have revealed plans for safety innovations that are expected on Twitch during 2023. So, what happens next?

Of course, not all safety methods, the company can inform in detail, because they must remain effective. But Twitch argues that all of its efforts are focused on preventing the greatest harm to the community.

New launching & updating

And now, let’s try to understand the upcoming safety launching & updating that will be introduced on Twitch during 2023. You can also read our article on other Twitch innovations...

Platform's plans for this year are to continue to strengthen and build the foundations laid earlier.

Well, the company named 4 main Twitch priorities for 2023:

1) Deterring harmful behavior

Twitch will try to keep the community safe and prevent harmful behavior. The platform will focus on protecting the most vulnerable users and fighting against emerging ways that hateful conduct and harassment. For example, Twitch will improve the technology that underlies reports and suspensions. This makes it easier for streamers and moderators to report violations by users.

2) Empowering communities with flexible tools

In 2023, much attention will be given to the improvement of existing tools (Shield Mode & Shared Ban Info). Twitch hopes to improve mobile support for mods and moderation. And add a reporting tool (specifically for mods & streamers). This will help protect each community without having to possibly hinder the channel’s growth.

3) Better safety education

The Safety Center will be improved and the education-focused program will be experimented with in small batches. This will help streamers navigate Twitch policies and avoid further harm. Within a year, the program will be available to a large number of users.

Of the technical innovations - reporting, enforcement, and appeals infrastructure are being updated.

4) Finding ways to balance content

Twitch's username policy and self-service name change tool will be updated. After all, it is not easy for streamers to maintain a diversity of expression, and viewers are not interested in seeing the same types of content. Now, on the basis of a multilateral analysis of this problem, a long-awaited update has been prepared, which will be launched during the year. In turn, viewers will gain more control over the type of content to view.

In conclusion

As we can see, every year Twitch is working hard on improvements. They are also tools for streamers, reports and appeals features, proactive technologies, etc. Many of the innovations that will be introduced this year are based on community feedback. This makes Twitch safer, fairer, and more convenient. It is clear that the immediate results may not be as visible, but in the future, this will ensure more effective joint work of these functions. Of course, this activity is not always visible to users, so just follow the news on Twitch. Or read the articles in our blog

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