Oleg Tytarenko 02 Sep 2023
Twitch shuts down Community Moments

Thursday, Twitch Support tweeted that made the decision to shut down the “Community Moments” on October 5, 2023. The Twitch team believes it will allow them to focus on developing other useful features...

Twitch added that Clips created and badges received during the beta will remain available, but streamers will no longer be able to create new Moments and the “Community Moments” shelf will be removed.

The reason was quite simple! The platform is getting rid of a feature that has been in beta throughout the year, just due to limited use from the Twitch community.

In recent years, various actions by competitors and attempts to follow the demands of users have encouraged Twitch to be flexible.

If you’ve watched recent months' big Twitch stream, you’ve probably gotten a “Community Moment” badge and clip at some point. And believe me, chat usually fills up with jokes about NFTs too.

Now, this feature is being done away with because it hasn’t become as widespread as Twitch planned.

A number of active streamers stated that barely anyone had access to it, so there’s no wonder that it had limited use across channels.

It's interesting that some streamers have already urged Twitch to bring it back and open up access for others, although we think that platform will no longer do this.

What do you think about this? Was the “Community Moments” feature really useful?

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