Oleg Tytarenko 25 Aug 2023
Twitch SUBtember is back

Twitch reminded its users that the annual SUBtember celebration will start on the platform very soon. From August 31 to October 1, viewers will be able to subscribe to their favorite streamers at lower prices. Details of the action can be found in the official blog of the platform...

During the specified period of time, the following discounts for self-paid subs will apply:

-25% off for 1-month

-25% off for 3-month

-30% off for 6 months

In addition, from September 26 until the end of the promotion, users will also receive 25% off on all gift subs!

What purchases are eligible for discounts? Users can start a new subscription, upgrade a Prime sub or gift sub, extend their commitment length, and level up their tier to be eligible.

Note that the reduction in subscription prices will not affect the favorite streamers who will still earn full-priced subs or gift subs. That is actually, Twitch is cutting its own share while continuing to pay streamers the money from subscriptions in the same amount.

This will lead to a funny situation with streamers who participate in the Partner Plus program. The fact is that they already receive 70% of the income from channel subscriptions, and if during the SUBtember period, the viewer subscribes to them for a 6-month subscription with a 30% discount, then such streamers will actually receive the full amount...

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