Oleg Tytarenko 19 Apr 2024
Twitch announced a TikTok-style feed

Twitch introduces a TikTok-style feed for streamers. The platform is set to launch its new feature to all users already in April…

It seems that a lot of competition has recently forced Twitch to introduce various innovations, one of which was the Tit Tok style feed. At least that's what it looks like. Especially since a similar feature had been implemented earlier by the platforms Spotify, Reddit, Amazon, and others.

In early March, the company's CEO Dan Clancy announced that the service was making its first major redesign of its mobile app in years and that the discovery feed would be its new landing page.

We know that Twitch has been testing a new TikTok-style discovery feed for almost a year. Now this will be available to all users at the end of April. What does that mean for all users? The TikTok-style discovery feed will allow users to scroll through separate feeds dedicated to clips or current live streams.

The discovery feed will launch as a tab within the mobile app. And judging by the announced information some users may see this feed as the homepage of their mobile already in the beginning of May. Recently Twitch has stated that all livestreams and clips can appear in its discovery feed, but only if they comply with its content policy.

It's cool that while scrolling through the live feed, users will be able to find live content from creators they followed and streams recommended by Twitch. This way, if users find something they like, they can click on the creator's avatar to switch to theater mode and further interact with the live stream.

In turn, the stream of clips will allow everyone to view a channel filled with short videos taken from Twitch live streams. So Twitch will display when a creator is active, allowing users to tune in if they want to see more.

The bad news is that advertising will still appear in the feed. But you can always scroll through ads without stopping your viewing…

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