Oleg Tytarenko 16 Aug 2023
Twitch updated Featured Clips

Featured Clips enable streamers to appear on fresh and established discovery surfaces on Twitch, presenting themselves and their community in the most authentic manner. This provides viewers with an opportunity to explore creators and their communities, even during periods of offline...

Starting August 8th, Twitch will be rolling out new Clips discovery surfaces, including the first Twitch Discovery Feed experiment in the mobile Browse Tab. These initiatives aim to enhance the possibilities for content to be found by a wider audience.

Even if streamers currently don’t have access to the Discovery Feed, Featured Clips will still be visible to users in Discovery Feed experiments.

All the current discovery surfaces on Twitch will give preference to Featured Clips over non-Featured Clips by default, and certain surfaces may exclusively showcase Featured Clips.

As a result of this modification, Featured Clips will take precedence over non-Featured Clips in terms of visibility on Twitch's discovery mechanisms. This change gives streamers more control over which Clips are discoverable by viewers and gives more opportunities to be discovered when creators in offline.

In the future, Twitch intends to provide streamers complete control over the Clips that appear on the platform by showing exclusively featured Clips on Twitch discovery surfaces.

Here are the changes since August 8th, 2023 on Twitch:

1) The “Clips We Think You’ll Like” shelf on the Twitch homepage will be replaced with a “Featured Clips We Think You’ll Like” shelf.

2) The “Popular Clips” shelf on the Twitch homepage will be replaced with a “Popular Featured Clips” shelf.

3) Category Clips pages in Browse on the web will prioritize showing Featured Clips.

4) Featured Clips will be prioritized in the Mobile Discovery Feed.

5) The Mobile Discovery Feed Browse Tab experiment will prioritize Featured Clips for all viewers enrolled in the experiment.

6) Will be rolling out a new “Featured Clips from Smaller Communities” shelf on the Twitch homepage.

7) Viewers will see a new “Recently Featured Clips” shelf on the mobile Following tab from streamers they follow.

8) Users will also be able to add Featured Clips to their Twitch stories.

P.S. Currently, only streamers and their editors have the capability to showcase Clips. However, Twitch has plans to allow streamers to eventually bestow the authority to feature Clips upon other individuals within their community…

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