Oleg Tytarenko 04 Dec 2022
Twitch will protect streamers with Shield Mode

Internet trolls have long been a real problem. They not only scare away beginners but also cause a lot of problems for top streamers. LGBTQIA+ and black streamers are particularly affected by these hate raids.

But now, Twitch can protect all streamers from massive haters attacks with the new feature - “Shield Mode”! This innovation immediately received positive feedback on social media.

Recently, Twitch rolled out a new one-click tool for streamers and moderators to fight back against hate raids. With this feature, you can easily weed out destructive or toxic users. And most importantly, any streamer can configure “Shield Mode” to each channel's needs.

For example, this option includes channel modes: Follower/Sub-Only chat. And there are Email (Phone) chat verification options. Plus, AutoMod levels.

How does this work? Just open “Shield Mode” from your channel page, “Stream Manager”, or “Mod View”. Now everyone can quickly activate and deactivate the new option with chat commands: /shield or /shieldoff.

Also, one of the new features is the bulk ban option. When “Shield Mode” is activated, streamers will be able to input specific terms (phrases) to automatically mass ban users who use those words in chat. Access to this feature is in the “Terms and Phrases” tab.

Notice, the “banned users list” can review in the “Banned Chatters” tab. And each streamer now can weed out any inappropriate bans.

There is also an option “No First-Time Chatters”. This mode will let you automatically prevent new users from entering the chat for the first time and chatting. Twitch expects it could be a reliable way to protect from raiders, which first time in chat and attack your channel.

All chat (or channel) settings are simply customizable. This is a really useful one-click tool for creators, allowing them to pre-set safety settings.

It should be noted, this new Twitch feature is so timely, especially after hate raids against streamers from minority communities. Besides, “Shield Mode” could help any streamer who is featured on the front page and planning a broadcast on a delicate subject. We hope, this new one-button anti-harassment tool, will be effective in the long term and can improve the relationship between creators and their communities.

And in addition. We are glad to note that the recent noticeable increase in Twitch activities has taken place in accordance with the new strategy of the streaming platform. From giving streamers new tools to giving the viewers more ways to engage...

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