Oleg Tytarenko 23 Oct 2023
We are announcing the upcoming tournament

Hello, dear streamers! We Twads.GG is announcing the upcoming tournament event and inviting people interested...

The tournament will be based on Fall Guys - a game of insane fun and competitiveness. We invite streamers interested in the tournament among each other. It will provide a great opportunity for all attendees.


1. No teaming of course (no surprise about that rule as it is a tournament there will be 1 winner).

2. No cheating plain and simple (like anti-gravity and unusual longer jumps).

3. Be respectful towards other contenders (as we are also here to have fun).

Matches and rewards

We are planning to do 3 matches where each winner will be selected. The winner of the previous match would not compete in the next match.

Rewards are promotion bonuses from our service Twads.GG, provides advertising opportunities to streamers.

Our service will transmit your stream to our partner's websites, where their users will have a chance to see your stream and become your future followers.

How to be part of the attendees for the tournament?

You must complete the Google Form to show your interest joining in the tournament:


Go for it! Maybe, the fortune will smile upon you and will bring a lot of benefits...

Let's start boost your views today

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