Oleg Tytarenko 23 May 2023
What are new Twitch alerts?

Twitch is constantly innovating and experimenting with new features that are designed to engage users in creative ways. For example, Twitch has launched new Alerts…

Alerts are a valuable asset in a Twitch streamer's repertoire. They provide an excellent avenue to showcase streamers' personality and sense of humor, while also serving as a vital means to acknowledge support from their community.

Moreover, when streamers configure Alerts for subs, Bits donations, or other supportive interactions, it amplifies the enthusiasm and sense of reward among community members who engage in these actions. Consequently, Alerts are pivotal in expanding streamers' brands, fostering engagement, boosting income, and enhancing meme potential.

To extend these advantages to a broader range of streamers, Twitch is incorporating Alerts functionality directly into the Creator Dashboard.

Content creators today can designate Alerts for important actions such as subs and follows. Moreover, Twitch is introducing brand new Alerts exclusively tailored for their platform, including Interactive Resubs and Celebrations. These Alerts are seamlessly integrated into the Activity Feed, prioritizing safety and user-friendly functionality, allowing to effortlessly replay, skip, or disable Alerts as needed. They work harmoniously with the streamer's existing Alerts setup and can be utilized in combination, making it simple to experiment with these novel features. Furthermore, the in-dash Alerts offer full customization options.

Currently, streamers can take advantage of this innovation immediately. All they have to do is just go to Creator Dashboard and configure Alerts before their next live stream. It has never been simpler to assign Alerts for those important community moments while simultaneously shaping streamers' channels to align with their unique identity.

New Alerts

Twitch developed Alerts to amplify the thrill of captivating moments, and now streamers can effortlessly set them up directly from their dashboard. What have these Alerts given to streamers?

  1. When a viewer resubscribes to a streamer channel, they now can share this achievement with a customized Alert. This unique feature, exclusive to Twitch, allows streamers to offer viewers a selection of how they want to be acknowledged for their resub. Streamers can configure up to five different visual and audio options, or they can opt for the pre-set defaults provided by Twitch. This enhances the visual and auditory experience of sub streaks like never before. It is important to note that Twitch prioritizes safety and compliance, so all uploaded audio will undergo thorough scanning to ensure copyright compliance and adherence to the Twitch Community Guidelines, thereby minimizing the risk of misuse.

  2. Set up Alerts for the initiation of Hype Trains, progression to new levels, attainment of specifically designated levels, or surpassing the channel's previous record.

  3. Configure Alerts for the commencement or accomplishment of follow or subscription goals, and revel in a grandiose manner when the streamer community collaborates to achieve these objectives.

  4. Make various Alerts for when their channel is raided, or specifically when it is raided by particular streamers such as friends or Stream Team.

  5. Activate Alerts when their community members make contributions toward a fundraising objective or assist them in reaching a specific support milestone.

Alerts management

Also, developers of the platform are considered the most convenient streamlined management of all Alerts in one place. Because ensuring impactful expressions shouldn't come with excessive administrative efforts. That's why new Twitch's Alerts include useful features such as bulk editing, Alert set management, and a customizable HTML and CSS editor to assist streamers in achieving the precise ambiance they desire.


Presently, streamers can incorporate Twitch's distinctive Celebrations effects into any Alert, making it an exceptionally memorable experience. Whether it's the achievement of a charity goal or successfully ending a subathon, some occasions call for grand gestures.

Celebrations are unique Alerts accompanied by captivating animations, which can shower emotes or launch emote-filled fireworks throughout the streamer's entire channel page (including the video player, description area, or chat). These Celebrations incorporate the channel's tier 1 sub emotes, ensuring they align perfectly with the channel's style and atmosphere.

In conclusion

Twitch aims to provide streamers with the necessary tools to express themselves. Through Alerts, creators can showcase their individuality and reflect the essence of their community. The platform hopes that streamers will make effective use of these tools to enhance their streaming experience.

With Twitch's innovative features and tools, it's no wonder that more and more streamers are appearing on this platform. As Twitch continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see how content creators leverage this platform to reach new audiences and drive results...

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