Oleg Tytarenko 20 Jan 2023
What are the types of streaming platforms?

The emergence of streaming services has radically changed the entertainment market. Today, depending on your preferences, anyone can easily find their niche. From movies and video games to music, sports, and travel. And every year this industry is developing more and more successfully. But what types of streaming services are most prevalent at the moment? We will tell you more about this in our article…

Streaming services are indispensable now, as they allow instant music and video content sharing. Set up correctly streaming will ensure HQ audio & video. And live streaming apps are available on every mobile platform.

If you look at this issue, there are actually only two main categories of video streaming. This is live streaming and video-on-demand (VOD). They are in turn divided into different types: video games, music, movies, podcasts, fitness, travel, and more…

Live game streaming platforms

One of the first video game live-streaming services was Twitch. Since then, it has expanded, providing its users with a wider range of live content. Later, other major platforms like YouTube or Facebook also created the ability to stream games (YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming).

But video game streaming platforms aren't just about entertainment. This huge international market with millions of dollars in turnover. Starting with the sales of rights to broadcast new games, advertising, and the organization of esports tournaments/events, and ending with fabulous revenues of top streamers from subscriptions and brand deals.

Video & TV streaming services

Movie streaming platforms are essentially VOD streaming. Today it is a huge industry where the battle for the audience competes - Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV Plus, Paramount+, and many others. And they not only broadcast films but also invest in making movies. Many platforms provide access to new and old content, as well as live broadcasts of some TV channels (from its local affiliates). The main revenues of such platforms depend on subscriptions.

Users appreciated the video content without any interruption via the mobile streaming apps. For the audience, such VOD streaming services are more interesting than ordinary television, which is preferred less.

Music streaming services

Everyone has a favorite music, so music streaming platforms are also very popular, capturing a large segment of the media market. Examples include Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, or YouTube Music. In this way, users can listen to their favorite artists in any place convenient for them. In addition, to stand out from the competition, some music services also offer word content (such as audiobooks).

Note that in recent years there is a tendency to decrease passive listening (for example, radio stations). Now, because of the pandemic, people are spending less time in cars and more time at home.

Fitness streaming platforms

Fitness broadcasts are often live, as are video games. However, they can also be replayed on demand. Communication with the audience during the broadcast of the workouts takes place through the comments section, where the fitness trainer answers the questions of the participants. There are various options for fitness streaming: one-on-one sessions, group classes, and subscriptions to a fitness studio (considering a free or paid plan). There are many different services of this type, the most popular of which are: The WKOUT, VPlayed, Zype, Peloton, etc.

Given the pandemic situation, people have begun to prefer online fitness more than ever. Now, live workouts are one of the most popular forms of training that attract a large audience. Because people don’t have to go anywhere, online fitness virtual classes attract users and they are more likely to prefer it to a real gym visit. Many online fitness classes are available from various streaming services, allowing people to work out from the comfort of their homes.

In conclusion

With the increase in popularity of streaming services, their list is constantly growing. And this industry has very great potential! Thanks to this, today anyone on the planet can watch their favorite movies, listen to music, or do workouts. You just have to choose the platform you want...

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