Oleg Tytarenko 21 Jul 2021
What content format to choose for beginner streamer?

In present-day realities, streaming games on Twitch and YouTube is already becoming a space overflowing with content. The total number of streamers in the world already reaches millions! Can you imagine how difficult it is for a beginner streamer to stand out from such a number of channels?

Thousands of streamers leave Twitch every month after many unsuccessful attempts to get at least a couple dozen regular viewers on the channel.

For a long time, it is not enough to simply fill out your profile, write an exciting headline to the stream, hang in the description a large "Donate" button, and start broadcasting, expecting hundreds of views and a continuous flow of money from donators.

If you plan to stream for a living or at least for pocket money, you need to approach the promotion of your channel more seriously.

You have to correctly identify your niche, which would distinguish you from other channels and move you to the top of Twitch.

What`s the first thing you need to pay attention to? Your streaming manner.

Do you have a great sense of humor and outstanding charisma? Or are you a very skilled player, maybe even a professional eSportsman? Or both?

One-half of the audience will watch your actions in the game and adopt your skills, interesting tactics, and strategies to conquer the game and improve their skills. The other half just wants to have fun and chat with you and your other like-minded people.

Ideally, you should be charismatic, funny, and with a good level of the chosen game for streaming.

The questions you have to definitely ask yourself before you go to the highest of earning from streaming:

·  What types and genres of games do you like?

·  What types of games can you play?

·  Which games are already oversaturated with streamers?

·  Do you want to be more of a funny/charismatic streamer or an informative one that shows off the skill?

·  What's your weekly streaming schedule?

By answering these questions, you can choose the most appropriate format for your stream, which will hook the right audience...

Let's start boost your views today

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