Oleg Tytarenko 16 Mar 2023
What is the W community on Twitch?

Today, the Twitch platform has thousands of streamers playing video games, chatting, and doing other activities. Viewers are provided with a huge selection of live content. The streamers themselves are united in various communities. One of the most popular in recent years is the "W community". What is this community? Let's explore this point together...

The W community on Twitch, became known not so long ago. When? Some sources indicate 2020/21 years. Sometimes this community is also referred to as the "W/L community". The name of this community comes from the term "W" which is used by streamers to describe "winning" (or losing "L").

In fact, this is an informal group of English-speaking Twitch streamers and YouTubers. Streamers from this community often participate in each other's live broadcasts and actively share their audience.

Members of the "W Community" are especially energetic and have an exuberant approach to streaming. For example, dancing, loud music, or exaggerated reactions. And the younger generation loves this kind of dynamic presentation of live content. Because of this, traditional Twitch streamers (dubbed the "Poggers community") are actually losing ground to them.

One of the distinctive features of the "W community" is the quantitative predominance of black streamers. The most famous of which are Josh "YourRAGE", Darren "IShowSpeed", Kai Cenat, Jidon Adams "JiDion" and others.

The "W community" recognizes and celebrates the unique perspectives and experiences that black streamers bring to the table, and works to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all members, regardless of race or ethnicity.

They share their stories and perspectives with the wider community, helping to raise awareness about the need for greater diversity and representation in gaming and streaming.

At the same time, black streamers in the "W community" are also celebrated for their creativity and unique personalities. They are actively supported and promoted by other members of the community, who recognize the important contributions that they make on a larger scale on Twitch.

In addition to supporting black streamers within the "W community", members also work to promote and support black-owned businesses and organizations. They participate in charity events and fundraisers that benefit black-led organizations, and actively seek out and promote black-owned businesses within the gaming and streaming industries.

One of the reasons why more traditional Twitch streamers are inferior to the "W community" is because others are much more cohesive and factional.

All of this points to an apparent division within the long-established streaming community on Twitch. And sadly, this separation can continue.

Interestingly, most Twitch streamers or YouTubers from the "W community" are not even gamers! Of course, some of them engage in video games, but more often it is another type of streaming, like IRL or reaction streams for their dedicated fan bases.

It should be noted that the "W community" is an important player in the world of Twitch and YouTube, which now have to be reckoned with as they have a huge impact on certain audiences. This once again proves the importance of cooperation and building strong communities to promote certain ideas in the minds of Gen Z.

In conclusion

Overall, the "W community" on Twitch is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and recognizes the important role that black streamers play in this effort. By actively supporting and celebrating black streamers, the community is helping to build a more inclusive and welcoming gaming ecosystem for all...

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