Oleg Tytarenko 09 Nov 2022
What new Twitch chat tools for streamers?

A strong community has always been a priority for Twitch. Therefore, the platform tries to create new demanded features and tools for streamers. These improvements are designed to make it more usable for users.

A month ago, Twitch introduced some new, effective tools that have already appeared on the live-streaming platform. For example, with chat highlights and cues, streamers can get alerted or notified, thereby improving their chat engagement. And now the Creator Chat Highlights moderation tool is available on all channels.

What are chat highlights & cues?

Chat highlights - will give you the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of chat messages, thanks to the feature of highlighting the first message of chatter. Now you can easily greet the new user by highlighting their messages. Note that chat highlights are available to all channels and will only be visible to streamers and their moderators. Viewers will not see them! So you will know your audience better. And besides, the feature is quite convenient. Using the shortcut with the switch at the bottom of the chat, you can quickly turn on or off the selection in the chat settings in the “First Time Chat” section. Thus, drawing attention to what is more important during the broadcast.

Chat cues - they assist streamers/creators by giving them some tips, suggestions, or reminders of things they should talk about during a live stream. That is, taking into account the opinion of your audience. This necessary information will help you to better communicate with your viewers. Streamers now receive pop-up cues in chats or activity feed while they stream.

More new Twitch chat tools?

From itself, we can add that the chat highlights and cues, this is only one of the many in-demand features on the platform. Twitch is constantly updating the changes that will be really useful for all streamers. On this subject, Twitch President Dan Clancy recently said:

"The social media landscape has changed radically through the years. Twitch has changed radically. Twitch is in a very different position, and we're at times, when we think of creators being creators first, it is important to give you an opportunity to experiment and explore and look for opportunities that you that are right for you"…

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