Oleg Tytarenko 12 Jan 2023
What's wrong with daily streaming?

Do many beginner streamers ask what is wrong with daily streaming? In this article, we will try to answer this question. Let’s also talk about the efficient scheduling for your live streams. So, we will try to analyze how often you need to go live…

It should be noted the streaming community is still debating it. For example, some streamers believe that daily streaming will increase their audience more quickly, but other streamers think that it is more effective to cut the number of times one goes online and focus on preparation and content. You will ask, how this is affected by the streaming schedule. Well, now let’s look together at the advantages and disadvantages of daily streaming.

What’s wrong with daily streaming and why can’t we recommend this approach to plan your career to everyone?

If you look at this problem more deeply, you need to understand that daily streams will take away a lot of your energy, and this is simply what will lead to burnout. Today, you think there is no problem launching streams every day, but how long can you keep up? And what if you keep this pace for months or even years? Then you will have to shorten the time of breaks. But rest is necessary for any person.

In fact, instead of enjoying real life, you will live virtually. And even if you are not the most sociable person and do not like to spend time in nature, it does not mean that you should live only games and streams. Let’s remind you that offline communication, hobbies, or walks are the best source of inspiration to discuss topics on your live stream. After all, any events from your life, you can share with your audience. But if all you do is only stream, there will come a moment when there is simply nothing to tell the viewers.

Do you want to be a background streamer? Of course not! But with daily broadcasts, you just become a streamer, which is put on the second monitor, while the user is busy with our daily routines. In other words, the audience will simply eat, play, and sleep while you are looming in the background somewhere. This will be bad for your channel because there will be no online activity. Over time, your streams will become so generic that viewers will simply stop following them and as a result, miss something really interesting. So getting into trends will become much more difficult. But the worst part is that if over time you reduce the regularity of your streams, most of the viewers will simply switch to some other channel to listen to the background.

What can we recommend to all streamers for the most effective career development?

1) Do not overload yourself, there is no point to broadcast 12 hours a day, especially with a small number of viewers. It is better to go live 3-4 times a week.

2) Pay more attention to preparation. Believe me, successful streamers spend a lot of time on this. They plan everything: content, design, topics for discussion, jokes, and interesting highlights, which then can be edited.

3) Create your own broadcast schedule. The main thing is that your viewers can easily find it. Inform the audience on Twitch or your social media. Don’t forget to inform the viewers during the broadcasts about starting time of your streams. Just try to stick to the schedule.

4) It is important that your content is fresh and diverse. For example, if you are streaming one single game, there are many ways to do it differently. Announce a challenge, play with the viewers, or duo with other streamers. Try to come up with an interesting cosplay.

5) Always take time to create content on social media. You need to use any platform to promote your channel. Make reels, use TikTok, and additional game materials. Also, prepare graphical resources for your future streams. Make useful new acquaintances.

In conclusion

Apply our tips only according to the conditions of your situation. How often to go live depends on you! But remember, the main thing is not the number of hours of streaming, but quality content, hard work, and a little luck. This is the only way you can eventually increase your audience. We don’t guarantee your success. Just listen to our tips and hope they will help you…

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