Mark Zherdin 17 Sep 2021
Why donations are important for streamers?

Donations from viewers are the main source of income for streamers. This way, your loyal audience shows that they appreciate your work and content. And that means you're not wasting your time on anything! But you should thank your donors, too. Mention them more often in your broadcasts. 

At first glance, it seems simple enough, but it's not. Adding a donation button isn't everything. In this article, we'll show you how to set up receiving donations fast.

Fast donations through PayPal 

One of the most convenient and reliable ways to accept donations on Twitch is PayPal.

How a streamer can receive donations?

1) through the email address (associated with the streamer's PayPal account);

2) through a PayPal.me link;

3) through a PayPal donation button;

So, PayPal. Here there is an option to hide your personal information. To do this, you only need to create a business account there. All of these features are free. Just go to the PayPal business section and confirm your email, then enter your company name. This way, instead of a regular account, you can create a real business account.

Thanks to the PayPal.me link, you can simply do the basic setup. It is convenient and quick due to the simple interface. Ok! But now you ask, how do you get viewers to donate through this link? For starters, write about it in your feed. Add a donation section to your Twitch channel. Also, put a PayPal.me link in your channel chat. You can also set it up to have alerts when donations are received.

To make it easy for viewers to donate and support your channel, add a donation section to your channel. So, go to your channel, flip the switch on the "edit panels" and press the big +. Next, fill in the panel description and title field. Explain why viewers should donate and add a link to PayPal.me. 

You can also add a panel or image for this purpose. Simply edit your Twitch channel. On your channel, go to "edit panels" and click to add a new panel. Then you can upload any image you want. But it's better to leave the "Title" blank if you don't want extra text above your image. How to do this?

Simply upload a new image by clicking add image. Next, enter the URL from PayPal.me. Then add a description to tell your viewers how you are using their donations and to thank donators. And, of course, don't forget to click the "Submit" button. And then, your donation button will be read.

Bitcoins & cryptocurrencies donations 

Nowadays, people are increasingly using cryptocurrencies to quickly transfer funds over the Internet. There are many reasons why people use virtual money, but the main ones are low transaction fees and security. So if you already have your own cryptocurrency wallet, just share its address with your audience. Then they can pay you. You can set up your cryptocurrency wallet for this purpose.

By far, one of the most popular wallet apps is Bitpay. In this easy-to-use app, you just need to click the "receive" button. Then a line of random letters and numbers will appear. That's your wallet address. To use it on your profile, just copy that address. Create a donation section on your Twitch profile. Then, in the description section, paste the copied address. Write down what cryptocurrencies your wallet accepts. And voila! You can accept donations in bitcoins.

StreamLabs & websites for streamer donations

To raise your donations, you can use different third-party services. To do this, you need to connect your account to these services. With their help, you will be able to activate donation alerts, as well as many other features.

Among Twitch streamers now the most popular services such as - Muxy, Gaming For Good, and of course StreamLabs! On their websites, they create donation pages for your channels. And when viewers making a donation, you can direct them to these pages.

One of the easiest services with many different features is StreamLabs. How do you set up your donation page on this website? Create an account, go to your dashboard, and there you can choose your donation settings. To connect your PayPal to StreamLabs, just click the PayPal option. Donations through your StreamLabs link, are now transferred to your PayPal account. By the way, on the donation settings page, you can choose your donation currency and limit. And then, just save your settings. And that's it! Your address for receiving donations will now be displayed on the settings page (like this https://streamlabs.com/username). All you have to do is copy this address, and then add it to your Twitch donation section.

What is so handy about StreamLabs? A lot of features and a simple interface make it literally indispensable for motivating donators and collecting donations on Twitch. What interesting things are on StreamLabs. First, a widget that displays the names of the last donors in your Twitch layout. And second, alerts are triggered at the time of donation that everyone can see.

These simple features at least encourage other viewers to donate, too. In addition, you can use various funny sounds and animated gifs for this purpose. 

Twitch donation button using PayPal

To attract donations from your viewers, use PayPal to make a nice donation button in your Twitch profile. 

To do this, read our detailed instructions:

You need to log in to PayPal and by clicking on your profile, simply select "my selling tools". Then, next to the "PayPal Buttons" section, click on "update" and "create a new button” link. Then in the "choose button type" list, choose "donations" and in the input box, write the name of your channel on Twitch. To upload your image (your appearance on Twitch), you must select "customize text or appearance". And you're close to creating your button! Click "create buttons" to go to the email tab and there click "select code". Copy it and save it. Next, log into Twitch, select your channel, click the admin button, and edit. Now, create your donation panel. If you want, you can click "add image", and select the image you uploaded to PayPal. After that, all that's left to do is click done. Also, click the "image links to" input box, paste the donation code you copied from PayPal. And feel free to update it. It will appear right below your Twitch broadcast.

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