Oleg Tytarenko 28 Mar 2024
Xbox sales numbers are falling?

It seems that Xbox is not doing well. Against the backdrop of falling sales in Europe, some publishers are beginning to doubt the future of the console. More Microsoft exclusives will appear on competitors' consoles, and the prospects for Game Pass are also vague...

It looks like Microsoft's gaming division may be seriously rethinking its business amid the failures of the Xbox Series consoles, as sales of Xbox consoles in Europe are steadily declining. In February 2024, they fell by 47% compared to last year. Against this background, third-party publishers doubt the advisability of releasing their games on Xbox Series X. And there is also Series S, for which games must be optimized separately.

In 2023, Microsoft had to admit losing the console wars. Today the main gaming market is PS5 and PC. The company will continue its fresh initiative to release exclusives on competitors' platforms. It will eventually bring all of its games to PS5 and Nintendo Switch, including the upcoming Gears of War, DOOM, and Indiana Jones.

It is noticeable that Microsoft has recently begun to pay less attention to the Game Pass gaming service. New items, including AAA-class ones, continue to be added to the catalog and are unlikely to stop in the foreseeable future.

At the same time, there will be no noticeable transitions or changes for the company. In the summer, Xbox will host a big presentation of games, and at the end of the year, an updated version of the Xbox Series X will be released, which will be necessary for at least some competition with the PlayStation 5 Pro.

There were rumors that the new generation Xbox would be released two years earlier than the PS6, supposedly Microsoft would introduce it in 2026. Although it was previously believed that the console's release was scheduled for 2028. By that time, Sony will only be able to offer the PS5 Pro with less current hardware.

As for the Nintendo Switch 2, it will have to wait until 2025. It is known that the Japanese manufacturer delayed the release of the console to provide more powerful software…

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