Oleg Tytarenko 05 Jan 2023
5 best game live streaming platforms

If you wanted to stream your video games skill, first of all, select the right live video game streaming services. Earlier, we wrote in our blog about how to do it. But…

Now, our selection of these streaming platforms is based not only on extent but on relevance among the modern generation of streamers and convenience for users. So weigh the pros and cons! It all depends only on your goals and capabilities...

So, why you should consider using them?

In this article, we’ll cover the 5 best game live-streaming platforms, and highlight a few qualities that are unique to each platform…


One of the biggest platforms today! Provides a full opportunity for content creators to showcase their talents through live streaming. Twitch supports all devices: PS4, XBOX, smartphone, or PC. It is possible to stream game sessions live from managed game streaming services (GeForce Now, Stadia). This popular streaming service specializes in broadcasting real-time gaming but offers many other types of content.

Twitch is free, but it inserts ads into its live streams. For members of Amazon Prime & Prime Video, there is access to Twitch Prime (extended broadcast storage for streamers, free computer games every month, subscription to one Twitch channel, exclusive emoticons, and chat badge).

There are various income opportunities on Twitch: donations through PayPal, monetization through video ads, sponsorship revenue, selling merchandise, support with Twitch Bits from viewers and etc…


Maybe it is not equal to the more technologically sophisticated gaming competitors, but his cool entertainment channels set this social broadcasting platform apart from others. Unlike Twitch or Facebook Gaming, this platform does not support mobile broadcasting. Caffeine is created only for chatting or viewing. But unlike others, they offer their own streaming software. The only disappointment is the lack of video game consoles and set-top box apps.

Caffeine has a partner program for popular channels with different perks, but you need first to grow your audience. Viewers can spend money to buy items to send to streamers in the chat. Caffeine doesn't offer any paid premium version or is ad-free. That’s good for viewers but not for broadcasters.


Facebook Gaming is a free option for broadcasting game sessions to your followers, with easy mobile live streaming. This video game live-streaming service for users can broadcast their gameplay or watch others streamers. Their mobile broadcasting functionality is the best unique advantage. You can stream game videos straight from regular Facebook. There is no premium version of Facebook Gaming. The only thing that viewers spend money on is the stars that they hand out to streamers live.

Facebook has different types of monetization: supporters subscriptions, collecting donations (Streamlabs, Patreon), advertising/selling custom merchandise, affiliate marketing…


Open-source live streaming platform Owncast likes many pro streamers. Because on this platform, easily customizable content. If you choose Owncast, everything here will depend only on you. For example, you will have to self-hosting game streams and video content channels. And compared to most live streaming platforms, here you can create your custom URLs to increase your reach.

Pay attention to Owncast you will not be able to earn money on advertising! But there are other ways of monetization: donations (through Patreon), custom merch selling through third-party websites, promoting sponsored content, earn money from commissions (for promoting affiliated products).


Mobcrush is the right choice if you broadcast gameplay from a smartphone. Suitable for Call of Duty: Mobile or PUBG Mobile. Mobcrush absolutely free and combines your presence in several services in one app. This it's the main advantage! But besides Mobcrush, you will have to install another streaming application (XSplit, OBS). This way you can stream your content to multiple platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Twitter.

There are different types of monetization on this platform, for example, the “Go Live, Get Paid” program. Or donations from loyal followers via Patreon. But streamers should ask viewers to stay subscribed to their Patreon accounts (or paid Twitch channels).


Best live streaming platforms have a few main commonalities that make them popular: large potential reach, user-friendliness, HQ audio & video capabilities. And all these factors to consider when choosing which platform to use. So, weigh your options, and with our article find the solution that suits your needs best...

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