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How choose the platform for streaming?

These days, anyone can be a streamer. Musicians can broadcast their music, gamers can play PC games, and teachers can teach different subjects. So you can not only share your skills but also earn. Of course, there is a lot of preparatory work to be done and a lot of nuances to make your stream the best. However, to broadcast first of all you need to choose a streaming platform.

And this is a question that needs to be taken seriously. What do you need to do this? At least, it is well-versed in streaming platforms (or social media), which are now a lot. Previously we wrote about this in our blog...

But the main thing is to decide for what purposes you need a streaming platform! And our review will help you with this.

Best gaming platforms

The most popular streaming service is Twitch, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect for everyone. To find the right platform for you, we will compare Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming.

Twitch - is the largest interactive live streaming service for various content: games, entertainment, eSports, music, etc. Many streamers on the platform are professional gamers, esportsmans, or experts specializing in a specific game, app, or program. To be able to fully broadcast, it is desirable to get the status of Affiliate. To do this, the streamer will have to fulfill several conditions: to collect the required number of viewers, etc. The status of the Affiliate opens access to monetization and additional broadcast options. Popular channels in the future can count on the next level of interaction with the platform - the status of Partner. For reference: 7.13 million active streamers, of which only 51.5 thousand grew up to “partnership”.

Twitch doesn't help content creators promote their channels, so you’ll have to do it yourself. It might be better to pick up viewers outside of Twitch and then transfer them to the platform.


Most popular platform;

Integration with Amazon;

Detailed analytics;

Easily create and export clips;


Difficult to get Partner status;

Only Partners can stream in 1080p;

Half of the earnings on subscriptions go to the platform;

Content is owned by Twitch and cannot be hosted elsewhere for the first 24 hours after being posted;

Facebook Gaming - a lot of gaming content live. One of the largest communities of gamers around the world. It is important to note that all the features here are available for free. The main purpose is to create content that may interest other users. Users can not only play games but also share them with others. You do not need to create an account to view content. But if you want to become a streamer, you will need to register and specify some personal data. After joining the Level Up program, you can get support from your viewers who give you stars. Each star costs 1 cent.

You can bring viewers from your personal profile. Because the games are categorized, people can find your broadcasts on Facebook lists.


Easy to use, works like Facebook;

Easy to join the Level Up program;

Creators Studio availability;

Games are organized by category, including upcoming games and most viewed games;


Big competition;

Confused broadcast editing;

Lower-video quality without Level Up;

YouTube Gaming - is a separate live video gaming website from Google. YouTube Gaming allows viewers to watch the game being played in real-time for fun or competition. The big advantage is that streaming is combined with the recording; this is one website for watching streams and ready-made videos. The resource creates its own top by games and players. The more subscribers and views a user has, the higher he will be at the top. Here, it is much easier for beginner streamers to rise to the top on a new platform than on Twitch, where all games already have their favorites.

Streaming to YouTube is easy, as is uploading previously recorded videos. The interface is simple and clear. When the broadcast is over, the video is automatically uploaded to YouTube.

New streamers can earn from their broadcasts by adding Google AdSense. However, the platform doesn't do much to promote streamers and find their live streams in a sea of pre-recorded videos.


Video downloads automatically;

Monetization is available immediately;

Allows for 1080p streaming;


You’ll be hard to find;

Live broadcasts mixed with previous recordings;

Live streaming platforms

For the more successful promotion of your channel, it is advisable to broadcast to platforms with a global audience. Let`s look at them briefly:

Facebook Live - broadcasts on Facebook allow you to communicate with the audience live, answer questions and host virtual events.

YouTube Live - is a live streaming YouTube feature that allows content creators to interact with their audience in real-time via video and chat.

Twitter – you can share your stories live to connect with your followers. Twitter offers easy-to-use tools for sharing your activity.

Specialized streaming platforms for business

LinkedIn Live - allows members and organizations to broadcast live video content within the profile, organization page, or event.

Instagram Live - you can start streaming and chatting with your subscribers in real time. After the live broadcast, you can share the recording or view it in the archive.

Which platform is the best?

It is difficult to single out the best platform for streaming. It all depends on the goals of users, as well as their type of activities. Practice shows that the best dynamics show PC games that are relevant in any form.

The main thing is that all the streaming services described above are perfect for everyone who has a plan. For example, if you like graphics, notifications, and good-looking broadcasts, choose Twitch, but monetization there is the worse.

Facebook Gaming is a great option if you spend a lot of time on Facebook and you have many users there. In this case, Full HD clips will help you earn.

If you prefer YouTube and know how to work on this platform, especially if you have a channel with subscribers, the choice is obvious. It’s easy to set the broadcast schedule and attract the attention of subscribers.

If you’re not sure which platform to choose, try multiple. Why limit yourself to streaming on only one platform? Using different platforms, you will more effectively provide greater engagement and reach. About this, too, we wrote earlier...

P.S. We hope that our article will help you in your difficult choice of streaming platform you need!

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