Oleg Tytarenko 03 Jan 2022
Personal brand for streamer

If you're a streamer, you probably know that a personal brand is an image the community has of you. Today we're going to help you build your personal brand. We'll tell you exactly how to find and highlight your unique traits and integrate them into streaming.

What is a personal brand?

Yes, you already know what a personal brand is. In short, it's a collection of factors that reflect your own personality. It's how viewers and other streamers can recognize you. Remember, the main thing is yourself, that is your personality!

And now let's consider these factors in more detail. What are these factors? First of all, it's your image in the eyes of others. Then there is your communication style on the live stream, the design of your channel, and even the style of gameplay and type of games. And simply, your personal brand is a reflection of your character.

How to build a brand?

The first impression is important for the success of your personal brand. So work more on yourself, improve yourself. Look at your image from the outside. Carefully avoid your weaknesses. After all, the way you will be perceived by the audience, in the future will affect the sponsorship deals. So stick to your image in life as well.

Every streamer must build their own successful community that will support you in all your endeavors. Find your audience. Study their tastes and passions (their interests, games, etc.). Your viewers directly determine the image of your stream and your communication style. But don't pay attention to the haters, it can interfere with your success.

And you don't need to be like someone else on Twitch. Try to highlight your individuality. Find your niche and viewers are sure to notice you. Create original content. Be outgoing and consistent in your broadcast schedule. Audiences will appreciate it. After all, it is your uniqueness that is your personal branding.

Emphasize your personality

Start by identifying your core personality and your stream. In order for viewers to make any associations with you, you have to decide how you want your audience to perceive you. To define your image, think about what the main theme of your stream is?

Emphasize you're positive qualities. Don't be afraid to show your audience that you are a person just like them. Think about the emotions you want to evoke in people.

The more your area of interest, the more ways you can integrate them into the stream, think about that and be sure to broadcast it to the audience.

What games, movies or music do you like? Tell your viewers about it. This will reveal your preferences and probably resonate with your audience. Skillfully promote your character and interests on the stream. For example, you can discuss esports disciplines. This way you can show your expertise in this topic.

It's important to decide what thoughts you want to convey to the audience as an expert. They may be related to the topic of your stream, or they may be your personal characteristics. For example, it may be about your real lifestyle or hobbies.

Find your target audience

To find your target audience, use data analysis tools that are currently abundant. For example, TwitchTracker. You can use it to find out viewer activity, determine attendance, peak broadcast times, etc. This will give you an idea of the best direction to go in order to become more successful as a streamer.

Don't forget to pay regular attention to live chat. Users need to see your genuine interest. There you can find out what topics your audience is interested in. How they react to your interaction. This will help to adapt your stream to your target audience.

Create your image

To create your own unlike any other image, you have to stand out and become more recognizable. Come up with your personal style. Actively present it on social media. Be consistent. This will lay the foundation for your personal brand and raise the visibility of your Twitch channel.

Channel branding also plays a significant role for any beginner streamer. All elements are very important here: your appearance, personality, name of your channel, and even logo!

And notice that in promoting your live streams, the popular social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok) will help you. Create new posts, keep your feed updated. Post your scheduled broadcasts there an hour before starting your live stream (try to attract viewers in advance with announcement posts).

By the way, for gamers better Discord (we have previously written about it in our article). There are a lot of gaming communities (servers) on this platform. And many video game fans prefer to communicate there. So create your own server so that your viewers can communicate with you more often. Participate in discussions on different topics and show your audience your interest.


The success of your brand is all up to you! Will it be memorable or will you become another faceless stream channel?

But, most importantly, make sure that your stream brings you enjoyment. Play your favorite games. Don't look up to other streamers. Viewers will appreciate your sincerity.

Be creative and original. Audiences need to see your personality!

Also, be consistent and constant. Count on the support of your community. And don't forget to post branded content on your stream. So you can grow as a streamer and certainly succeed in this interesting business!



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