Mark Zherdin 11 Jun 2021
Setting goal: How to start a career as a professional streamer

What is the difference between a professional streamer and an ordinary streamer? The answer is that a professional makes money with this for a living.

If you want to achieve really good financial results from your streams, you must treat these activities as a real business.

First, set goals and objectives, and think of a strategy to achieve them.

Proper goal setting

Focus your main goals primarily on the number of views, viewers, and subscribers. Use the well-known S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting methodology, which means that each of your goals must meet five criteria:

Be Specific. The goal should be clearly stated, not blurred. An example of a vague goal: "To increase the number of viewers on the channel". A specific goal should be: "Get 150 subscribers to the channel by November 30th".

Be Measurable. Measurability is an important quality of the goal, that will help you understand the effectiveness of your actions. For example, now you have only 10 subscribers, and you want to increase them to 100, so even if by the required date you have, say, not 100, but 80 subscribers, you can still measure your progress and calculate what you have completed your goal by 78%.

Be Achievable. The goal must be realistically achievable. If you set yourself a goal of gaining 1000 followers in the first month, it will be an almost unfathomable task for a beginner. This means that you will subconsciously know that you will not achieve this goal in the set period, and your motivation and belief in yourself will decrease.

Be Relevant. The goals must match your reality at a certain point. For example, if your goal is to become a Twitch partner, then focus on completing the necessary achievements, not on getting new subscribers or a certain amount of donations.

Be Time-bound. Each goal set should have its deadline, that is, a specific date by which it must be completed. That way you can't let yourself slack off or waste your energy on other things.

Examples of properly formulated goals

·         Increase the number of subscribers on your channel to 200 by September 1.

·         Implement the "80 Viewers Online" achievement by November 30.

·         Gain 7,000 views by December 1.

Let’s give you a few more tips to set and select your goals right.

First of all, be patient. Success doesn't happen overnight, and professional streaming is just as hard work as any other job, and it requires a lot of patience and dedication from you. Remember that in the first few streams you may not have a single viewer at all or three or five people from the close circle you asked to keep you company.

Use this period to try out different ideas for your stream design, behavior, and manner of streaming. Be sure to review your first streams to understand what you can improve in the picture, design, and pitches of content.

Secondly, don`t set goals that are too ambitious and too long-term of time. You don't want to work on one goal for several years. Break your global goal into small ones, and make small steps toward your main goal.

An example of the right goal setting would be to reach 100 followers by the end of the first month, 200-350 by the end of the next month, and so on. As the speed of your progress, you can set harder goals to help you stay focused and constantly look for new ways to improve your stream.

After setting the first goal, you can start looking for strategies by which this goal will be achieved.

Let's start boost your views today

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