Oleg Tytarenko 30 Sep 2021
How to grow your Twitch channel

Today, live streaming has reached unprecedented popularity. And primarily thanks to major platforms like Twitch, which has brought together millions of gamers around the world. And only Google and Netflix can compete with it in terms of traffic.

With the help of Twitch, many streamers found their audience and began to make a real income. There are many ways. These are subscriptions, advertising, merch, donations, etc. And the earnings of some of the top streamers have grown to hundreds of thousands dollars per month.

How do you attract a large audience and make real money online? In this article, we'll give you actionable tips on how to achieve this goal!

Goal achievement

To make streaming your job, think of it not only as entertainment, but also as a business. And for that you need to build your own strategy to achieve this goal. The main thing for you now is to attract more subscribers and views. How to implement this in practice? We advise using a successful method of setting goals called S.M.A.R.T., which has long been used in management and project management. What is SMART? We already wrote about it in one of our articles on TWADS.GG blog…

Be - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time-bound:

S - You should set clear, not vague, goals. The goals you set for yourself should be precise and clear. An example of the wrong goal: "Increase the number of subscribers." Example of the right goal: "Get 100 subscribers by January 1st."

M - This is very important to understand the effectiveness of your actions. You can easily calculate the percentage of your actual subscribers (or views) versus your intended subscribers (or views).

A - Properly measure your efforts. Your goals should be something you can realistically achieve. For example, if as a newbie you set a goal of getting a few thousand subscribers in just the first month, you're unlikely to achieve it. And this will negatively affect your confidence and motivation in the future.

R - The relevance of your goals should correspond to your real desires. For example, if you want to become a Twitch affiliate, then focus only on meeting the necessary requirements, not on the number of your subscribers or views.

T - You must be time-bound. Any set of goals should have a specific deadline, i.e., a date by which the goal must be achieved. Then you won't get distracted and waste your energy.

Now that you have set your goals, you need to remember some of our tips. Don't lose confidence because you don't have a lot of subscribers. Time will pass and everything will work out for you. So don't lose patience. You'll definitely need it! Even the most successful streamers, became such not at once. Spend your time wisely, develop goals, experiment, and then you'll understand what suits you best. What's effective and what's not. To make your task easier, we advise you to break your goals into parts. That way you can achieve them gradually. Also, share your goals with your channel audience and thank your subscribers for their help.

In addition to setting the goals you need, you should also have a well-thought-out strategy for achieving them.

HIQU hardware

Our advice to you, get yourself a good camera and microphone. Only high-quality equipment will help you communicate with your audience unhindered. Also, for successful broadcasts, it is very important to provide a stable and high-speed Internet connection.

Remember, your viewers always want to see and hear you clearly so they do not get distracted during the streaming. So it's better to stream from a PC rather than from a game console. Your performance will be much better that way. Plus you can customize your stream. Special software can help you do this.

If you are a beginner, you can use free software such as OBS studio, Streampro, Streamlabs and etc. For Gameshow and Wirecast, you have to pay. Prices vary depending on the professional qualities of the software.

These software programs have sets of different filters, mixers, widgets and editing tools. And you'll also be able to use chat settings, alerts, polls and donations...

And don't forget to test the technical condition of your equipment before broadcasting to Twitch. The Twitch Inspector will help you find and fix problems by quickly checking your Internet connection and decoder.

Your interaction

Remember, if you want to expand your presence on Twitch, you must always interact with your audience! It is for the direct communication of the streamer with the viewer online, most people go to Twitch. After all, just no one is interested in the game, the viewers mainly want to communicate with you and the same as they are fans of the game. This is how you can attract new subscribers and get viewers to come to your channel again.

Here are our tips to help you easily interact with your audience on the stream:

Find out what's going on in the chat

In order to interact with your audience in a quality way, you need to constantly monitor your chat. That way you can reply to messages in a timely manner and always be aware of the topics discussed there. If you find it hard to play the game and chat at the same time, buy yourself a second monitor.

Talk during the broadcast

If you don't want your live stream to be a boring video, talk to the audience during the broadcast constantly. This is the only way to keep their attention for a long time. What to talk to them about? Welcome new viewers, thank your subscribers, answer audience questions, or discuss game strategy. And don't forget to announce your channel schedule.

Reward viewers with points

Viewer loyalty, you need to encourage. This way you can strengthen the relationship with your fans. Offer them some kind of reward. For example, Twitch channel points. With the Channel Points feature, viewers can accumulate points. Or offer them a choice of perks, like making a decision for a streamer, or unlock unique emotions.

Ask viewers

To skillfully keep the conversation going, ask viewers questions about your channel more often. This way, you can quickly engage your audience. Personal questions will show your real interest in the conversation. Ask viewers how they're doing or if they like the game you're playing. You can even ask them for advice. Keep the dialogue going all the time. This way they will be more active.

Appoint moderators among your viewers

Over time, your channel is sure to become successful and then you'll need an assistant. Choose someone from your subscribers who you can appoint as a moderator. These should be friendly and outgoing viewers. Not only will they help you follow the rules and communicate with your audience. This way you can keep chat activity high and your channel interactive at all times.

Using bots is a good idea

If you want to control your stream's chat effectively, you can safely use moderator bots. This will help you get rid of most of your routine without distracting you from important content. Moderator bots can greet visitors, answer questions, protect your stream from spam, and ban rule breakers.

These days, the choice of such bots is quite large, such as Streamlabs Chatbot, Moobot, Nightbot, StreamElements, etc.

Viewers need to be engaged

You have to understand, it's not just communication that's important for the success of your channel, but also engagement. Your task is to let viewers know that they are also active participants in your game and not just in words. For example, they can connect to your game through communication and make decisions for themselves. For example, they can manage the game, choose paths, strategies, etc.

Blogs & Social networks

Beginner streamer, must somehow attract the attention of the audience. For this purpose, various gamer platforms, forums and social media are best suited. Especially if your budget is limited. Since this method of promotion does not require any cost.

Gaming blogs

Expand your online presence. Promote your channel in every way possible. Yes, as we mentioned above, there are indeed many social media, but there are many more forums, blogs, and communities dedicated to gaming, streaming, and Twitch. As well as social media they will help you a lot to promote your channel.

So be sure if you take an active part in the communication on these platforms, you can really increase your audience. Communicate in themes on Twitch, games & streams. Discuss the games you love. Don't impose on them. But don't forget to mention your stream in conversations, and add a link to your channel under your posts. And the more forums you visit, the better. That way you can make the right connections and tell more people about your channel.

One of the largest platforms with communities devoted to streaming is of course Reddit. But don't forget about many gaming websites and blogs, such as GameFAQs, Siliconera, TechRaptor, Gematsu, Game Informer, etc.

What social media are suitable for these goals?

We already wrote about this earlier...

Now let's continue:

Twitter & Facebook

Next to Facebook, now one of the most popular social media in the world is Twitter. And unlike Facebook, their target audience is mostly made up of the younger generation. And this is exactly what you need to promote, because among this audience of gaming fans. That's why we're going to talk more about this particular platform.

With Twitter, you can share your content with potential viewers and existing subscribers. As well as inform them about the schedule of your streams. To get Twitter users more interested, communicate your broadcasts in more detail. Make a description of the game, add pictures, hashtags and links to your Twitch channel. Don't forget to mention your supporting publishers and sponsors.

Write posts about different promotions, events from your life, talk about the game. Add some humor, audiences always like that. This is sure to attract new viewers to your channel and expand your audience reach.

Our advice does not only apply to Twitter. You can do the same on other platforms. Facebook, for example. The more social media you try, the better your channel will be promoted.

Discord & YouTube

One of the popular platforms among gamers is Discord. Free online messenger allows you to chat with various interest groups. There you will be able to discuss games, communicate with viewers, and form a core audience.

Game publishers and streamers often use this platform. There you can create servers by topic. You can inform your subscribers about giveaways and other events. As well as create communities from your loyal audience. That will allow them to feel a community of interest.

On Discord, you can post videos of your streams or the most interesting moments. So you can use the platform's servers to show your stream or highlights from it.

Be sure to add links to your Twitch channel. And on the Twitch link to Discord. Then your subscribers will know about your presence on this platform.

Also, links to Discord can be put in the chat moderator bot.

Well, if you're still just a beginner, try first to tell about themselves on the servers, which are related to games, streaming, Twitch, etc. Maybe that's where you'll be able to attract your first viewers to your channel.

But we cannot ignore the largest platform with one of the highest traffic. It's YouTube! Twitch streamers can often be seen exactly on YouTube. After all, almost every streamer has a channel on this site. With it, you can easily be seen by millions of viewers around the world. And this is where you can easily successfully promote your channel.

Post videos, upload videos from your streams, post the most exciting moments of broadcasts, talk about games. This will show viewers your personality and increase your subscribers over time.

And don't forget to add a link to Twitch in the video description. Then viewers can easily find your stream there.

Valuable content

To become a successful streamer on Twitch and attract many viewers to your broadcasts, you must offer them something of value. Then they'll watch your channel, not millions of different streamers. Remember, your stream is a business, the content is the products, and the viewers are the customers. But how do you figure out what viewers want to find on Twitch in the first place?

We'll give you a few reasons why viewers want to watch streams on Twitch:

Buying a new game - Before they buy a new game, gamers usually watch actual gameplay and listen to professionals.

Improving gaming skills - viewers often go to Twitch to watch the pros improve their gaming skills.

Viewer Fans - Audiences cheer on their favorite players and support teams in tournaments and world championships.

Viewer enjoyment - gamers are simply entertained by watching streams of their favorite game.

The uniqueness of content - viewers will watch your channel if you can stand out with your unusual image or unique content. You can also stand out by playing a game in any interesting way or playing an unpopular game today.

Show off your skills - viewers love to share their knowledge by commenting on streams while playing the game.

Find game balance

Do you want to attract a lot of viewers? Be sure to play the "right" games! If you're a rookie to Twitch, you should try streaming different games to see which ones are more effective in reaching your goals. That's the only way you'll be able to find the games that are most interesting to a mass audience. But do not forget about your own preferences. Try to find a balance.

Here are some of our tips on what games you should pay attention to:

Your own gaming preferences

Do not chase only popular games. First of all, they should like you. Because if you're streaming a game that you do not care about, the audience feels it and it will also not be interesting to watch you. A game that interests you, will show your true passion and thus attract more viewers and subscribers.

Games you're a pro at

During the stream better play your favorite game, in which you are a real pro. After all, your viewers want to see a master winning the game. So you can show off your skills and give your viewers actionable tips as you go along. Remember, audiences on Twitch love this kind of advice to improve their own skills in the game.

Try unsaturated games

Most streamers play the most popular games. Try to find new games or games that streamers usually avoid. This way you can find something unusual for yourself. These are so-called unsaturated games, they are similar to the popular games, but less known to the general public. Or in general, they are beta games. If you spread the word about such a game, publishers can promote you for free by advertising on their pages.

You can change games

So that your choice of games on different parameters does not contradict each other, we advise mixing games and types of your content sometimes. This will allow you to add variety to your channel, retain your audience, and find the right balance. On different days of the week, change classic games for modern ones, and alternate game genres. And don't forget to announce it in the broadcast schedule.

Regular frequency

The more often you broadcast, the easier it will be for your audience to catch you on the air. And for a more accurate hit, you should try to stick to your schedule. That way, viewers will know exactly when you're going to be on the air. Which, in the end, will get you more views.

If you schedule your broadcast times correctly and build your broadcast schedule, viewers can see the seriousness of your intentions and will appreciate it properly.

Schedule what game you're going to be streaming and when and where you're going to play it. So viewers can find you on Twitch.

Remember, viewers want you to be consistent. This will ensure audience loyalty. Try to stick to your schedule or you risk losing your viewers. If you need to change your schedule, make it known on your channel and your social media pages.

But just being consistent isn't enough to succeed. You need to broadcast often, too. This will help you show more content and make a bigger audience reach.

It's best to streaming, several times a week and for at least 3-4 hours at a time. Then you'll be visible enough.

Personal network

With networking, you can meet your objectives. Try to make good use of the connections and contacts established with other streamers and subscribers. This will increase your presence on Twitch.

Here are some of our networking tips:

Events for gamers

One effective way to make useful contacts is to attend relevant events (Twitch Con, Cooperative Adventuring, Community Face-Off) or gaming conventions (like PAX). There you can not only network with famous streamers and game enthusiasts, but also show them your stream and your own skills.

If you manage to engage viewers, they will definitely come to your channel. Make friends with other streamers. They can help you and cross-promote.

Connecting in SMN

Social Media Network (SMN) not only helps promote your Twitch channel, as we wrote about above. But they're also good for networking.

Twitter is especially often used by streamers for this purpose. There you can make connections with the streamers you like and their audience.

Don't impose on them, communicate, answer questions. Unobtrusively mention your channel. Put links to their streams and retweets. And then they are sure to appreciate your friendship, and maybe even promote you to their viewers. That's the principle of cross-promotion.

More action in Twitch

But most importantly, take more action in the Twitch community. Attend the broadcasts of other streamers who are playing the same games as you. Interact with viewers in a friendly way. Occasionally mention your channel. And then you can attract the attention of people on Twitch, who then want to visit your stream.

Choose streams with a small number of viewers, otherwise your messages will simply get lost in the crowd and no one will notice you. It's better to communicate productively with fewer people than to waste your time with a lot of people who won't appreciate it.

Hosting method

One of the most effective methods of promotion is what's called cross-promotion. For example, if you do not broadcast live, you can host different streamers on your channel. So thanks to Twitch, you'll also support other streamers.

So even offline, you'll get your subscribers the information they need and they'll go there more often. And streamers who you have helped, can also provide their channel for your streams. And thus you will get mutual benefit and expand your audience.

Using Raids

You can try another way of promotion - stream raiding. What is it? To count on the reciprocal help of other streamers, you can redirect viewers from your channel to another streamer's channel. Do it just before the end of your broadcast. To do it, enter into the chat "/raid" and the name of the streamer you need. Then the viewers will be able to watch the other streamer if they want. And maybe that streamer will return the favor.

But before taking such actions, don't forget to warn the other streamer. So you know for sure that he agrees and will be ready for it. And it's better to choose not-so-famous channels for this, because most subs channels may not even notice your help. By the way, you also need to make sure that the type of games the streamer plays is similar to yours.

But will your audience like another streamer's content? It's better to like it. Otherwise, they will leave the streamer and lose interest to you.

Over time, other Twitch streamers will appreciate it. So be prepared for them to stream raids on you, too. And then all you have to do is kindly greet him and get ready to tell more about yourself to a large number of new viewers, not forgetting to include your schedule and social media accounts.

Teaming up

There is another interesting method of useful interaction on Twitch, which we'll tell you about at the end. That like is cross-promotion. To do this, arrange with other streamers on Twitch and then you can play games together and broadcast them on each other's channel. In our opinion, your stream will only benefit from skillfully conducted cross-promotion, which will add to your channel even more engaged viewers.

An obligatory condition of such cross-promotion, the streamers participating in it should tell about such a combined stream on their channels, social media, etc. You need to get as many viewers interested in this action as possible. Then your efforts will be more than paid off and hopefully, you'll be able to add a lot of fresh subscribers.

Creative giveaways

Another useful way to promote your channel is to run a giveaway or some contest you invented. It all depends on your desire and imagination.

After all, holding any contest is a very effective way to attract an audience. This will increase the interest of your regular viewers and be able to involve new ones. And the distribution of interesting prizes will certainly increase the loyalty of your audience.

By the way, information about such promotions spreads pretty quickly among people. So come up with an interesting contest theme and you'll really expand your audience.

But don't think that running contests are so easy. If you want them to really benefit your channel, everything has to be carefully thought out and organized. It's a lot of work. First, you need to choose a prize and think through the terms of your contest. How often you hold them is up to you. You can even do it every week. But it's better to look at the statistics of visits to know the time when your stream is visited by the highest number of viewers. This will raise your rating and views.

And don't forget to let viewers know the rules and conditions of the contest. Then they'll know what they need to win. Write about it on your profile. You can also set up a chatbot to post the rules in the chat.

How do I choose a prize?

First of all, it should be valuable for people interested in Twitch streaming. After all, outsiders who just want to get something free or you do not need it. So, choose a prize, which you think your audience will like. For example, a game you play or something memorable related to it.

You can also open the giveaway not to everyone, but only to your regular viewers. This way you show that you value your community, which will gladly support you.

Top streamers often give consoles, game accessories, and other gaming equipment. But there are other options as well.

Of course, valuable prizes are the most popular, but if you are a beginner streamer, you are better suited to giveaways that can be done without a large outlay of money. For example, if you can't buy expensive equipment, then look to Twitch sponsors. Tell them about your stream and the upcoming giveaway. And maybe some company will be able to help you.

You can even invite the winner to appear with you on the stream and play the game. Viewers will like it! Announce the date of this stream in advance. Then the audience will expect it. For this purpose, there is an extension “Play with Viewers”, which will help you with the queue.

Approach this task with humor and show your creativity. As a reward, you can perform some kind of physical task. For example, sit down 20 times for a subscription. Or change your appearance for every 100 subscribers. You can also offer them to choose the game you'll play on the stream.

Maybe you give them points if they tell their friends about the contest. Give away in-game skins, unique emotes, or in-game currency.

Be conscientious in selecting a winner to avoid any cheating. In an honest determination of the winner, you can help different bots and apps. For example Twitch Giveaways Reloaded, StreamLabs Giveaways, Moobot Giveaway Feature, etc…

Spreading the word about the contest

Your contest can be really good, but the most important thing is to get as many people as possible to know about it. That's why you absolutely need to spread the word about your contest.

We recommend using your Twitch channel for this purpose. Talk about it on the stream and share the link in the description. Your regular audience, for sure, will participate in your contest. They can also get their friends involved.

But even more, people will find out about your contest if you spread the word about it on your pages or social media groups. Use every resource you can - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. For example, on Discord, you can gather a small group of winners and hold a private broadcast especially for them. Of course, YouTube or websites about gaming (like Reddit) are very useful for this purpose.

We hope these tips are really helpful in promoting your Twitch channel. But only if you are persistent, work hard and are serious about your business ...

P.S. If you want to know more about how your Twitch channel, use the help of TWADS.GG!

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