Oleg Tytarenko 18 Nov 2022
How to remove recommendations on Twitch?

The great variety of broadcast content is Twitch’s main thing. And to make it easier for you to find what is really going to be interesting for you, the platform analyzes what you have previously watched and makes a selection of actual broadcasts for you.

But everyone makes mistakes, even Twitch. Do not be surprised if among the really interesting content you will catch what you do not need. You can easily adjust the recommended list, now we will understand how.

Today, you can remove recommendations you are not interested in. In this way, you can tell the platform that the content it shows you are not of interest to you, allowing the algorithm to better understand your preferences and recommend content that is more in your interest.

How to adjust the recommended list?

In order to remove what you are not interested in recommended, you need to click the three vertical dots icon and select "I am not interested in this recommendation", so that Twitch removes a category, section, or streamer from your recommendations. In the future, when you visit the front page, you will be offered more improved recommendations, which can be adjusted similarly.

If during the process of deleting recommendations, you suddenly change your mind, you will see a message asking you to cancel this action. And also you can always adjust your preferences according to the recommendations on the settings page in your account.

Don't worry if you mark content as "not interested" and irrelevant to you - you can still watch it. It just won’t be displayed on your home page, but access to it will not be restricted for you.

But is it possible that any recommendations won`t be displayed?

Yes of course! If you mark "not interesting" a significant part of the content. But this applies only to particularly fastidious Twitch users.

For unauthorized users, the front page is randomly formed proceeding from Twitch algorithms, based on the popularity of content in viewers with the same language and geographic parameters.

How do I get recommendations on the front page of Twitch?

Firstly, this is the most important condition - you need to have the partner status of Twitch. Just remember, that only partners have priority to primarily show on the main Twitch page for unauthorized users and users who have no or few subscriptions to specific channels. This means that, regardless of your preferences, Twitch places you at the top of the platform for some day or month. In the same way, the streaming platform gives the option of blocking recommended content that we don’t like.

Your channel will also be displayed in the recommendations on the home page of your subscribers and those viewers who watch the same channels and the same category most often in the last week.

How to get the status of a Twitch partner we have previously written in our blog...

However, there is another important question that you need to know the answer to!

How to increase your chances of being recommended?

Keep in mind, that in addition to the number of viewers and views on your stream, Twitch also needs activity on the channel, for example, the dynamics of the appearance of new subscribers. It works if your streams have high chat velocity and activity. In this case, Twitch will recommend them to viewers who usually like watching such streams…

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