Oleg Tytarenko 19 Feb 2023
How to select the right Twitch name?

If you can’t decide on an appropriate Twitch name, you can use this article to make it as good as possible. Try to apply our ideas and choose a memorable Twitch channel name that's right for you! By the way, we have written on this subject before...

Of course, you can always change your username, but there are some nuances. When changing your name on Twitch, you will have to wait at least six months for the old name to become available again. Plus, your old name will still be able to show up in some related apps. So think twice!

Now, let's see some tips on choosing the best username for Twitch:

1. Much simpler

The main thing is that the name of your channel out loud was immediately clear to everyone! It should be easier to write and pronounce. So be much simpler. Because the audience should understand you and easily find you. This will help people to remember your Twitch username. Because a name must be based on things like memorability and meaning.

2. Be shorter

Remember, it will be easier for users to tell about you if you can fit in one word! It is a good way to strengthen its memorability, which in turn will increase the number of subscribers. And do not be afraid that all of the best short social names have already been taken. But this isn't always the case. You only need to show creativity. You can even combine two long words into one short.

3. Use the combination

Try to come up with two-word usernames. For example, combine the name you would like to be called and some additional words. It's much more interesting than random name generators. Because you apply your own ideas. Think about how your words combine and sound. This should provide it with a hook and catchiness.

4. Language checking

Most streamers broadcast in one language, but the Internet is so global that your audience will certainly be multilingual. So first, check with the translation tools the possible alternative values of your username. Be careful, because in other languages it can mean completely different. Or even insult! Besides, your name should be understandable to everyone.

5. Unique name

Take benefit of the same username on different platforms. This will give you advantages over other streamers. Because viewers can find you everywhere by typing your name. It will also give you visibility on social media. Just make sure you check to see if there is a similar name. Or you would have to add to the username a word or meme.

In conclusion

We hope that our article has helped you. Now that you have at least a few good ideas, it is up to you to choose. The main thing to remember, it doesn't take much experience to come up with a good name. Take it not so serious. Just weigh all the pros and cons...

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