Oleg Tytarenko 20 Jun 2024
Kick’s answer to Twitch’s CEO

We recently wrote that Twitch CEO Dan Clancy believes that Kick is making a mistake by trying to lure streamers away from Twitch. And that they will definitely return. This interview caused some buzz on social media. Everyone was interested in Kick's reaction. And the answer was not long in coming...

If you believe the words of Andrew Santamaria (Kick's Head of Strategic Partnerships), Kick isn't too worried that streamers attracted by big contracts might return to Twitch or other platforms. It even seems to be part of their strategy.

He said that this is the essence of competition, explaining it this way: "As business evolves, people will cross-pollinate to other places. Actors switch to different studios".

"We enter into contracts with people, and not everyone can be a winner", Santamaria adds.

Andrew also said he was glad that Dan Clancy (Twitch CEO) expressed his opinion, as it validates that there is competition in the streaming industry.

Was Santamaria speaking from the bottom of his heart or was this feigned? Especially considering that some creators refused to join Kick despite lucrative offers. Well, the future of this business will tell.

But things haven’t been going so well for Kick lately, and there have been a few scandals related to homophobia, racism, and disrespect. If some top streamers end their contracts with Kick, it may have unpredictable consequences for the platform...

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