Oleg Tytarenko 17 Jun 2023
Kick thanks Twitch?

In recent times, Twitch has experienced a significant decline in its popularity due to a series of controversial decisions. It is not surprising that against this background, Kick even "thanked" Twitch for sending a record number of new users to their streaming platform…

One particular decision that caused a lot of outrage was Twitch's announcement to modify its branded content guidelines. We've also written about this before in our article.

The platform faced backlash when it proposed limiting on-screen advertisements to no more than three percent of the screen, potentially reducing the earnings of streamers.

This led some streamers to threaten to leave Twitch altogether. Eventually, Twitch has since backed down on the changes, apologizing to streamers, but many users believe this reversal came too late and merely demonstrated the kind of future changes that may be implemented by this live streaming service.

Consequently, numerous top streamers from Twitch have chosen to migrate to a rival platform called Kick. So it's no wonder now, most ex-Twitch streamers, are the core of Kick, like - Roshtein, Adin Ross, and Ninja.

As a result of the controversy surrounding Twitch, experienced a surge in users, breaking its previous record for 24-hour sign-ups. expressed "gratitude" to Twitch for the boost by tweeting a message on June 8th along with a purple heart symbol representing Twitch.

Furthermore, Twitch recently introduced a $25 cancellation fee for users who wish to leave the platform and potentially stream elsewhere.

However, this fee is seen as less of a deterrent for those seeking to switch to Kick since the latter has offered to cover the $25 cost incurred for canceling partnership deals with Twitch.

It's no great exaggeration to say that Trainwreck had a big role to play in verifying and connecting numerous streamers on the platform. And he’s also from Twitch!

So far, the situation for Twitch is developing along a negative scenario and the trend is worsening, but we shall see what happens next...

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