Oleg Tytarenko 28 May 2023
Twitch vs Kick: Healthy competition?

As there are more popular content creators become part of Kick, an increasing number of beginner streamers are exploring it as a potential substitute for Twitch. What are the reasons behind this? Let's examine them collectively...

New player on the market?

In recent years, online content creation has emerged as a highly popular profession. While Twitch and YouTube have been the leading platforms in this field, Twitch has been facing significant challenges due to constant criticism from its fans online.

Interestingly, a rival platform called Kick has been gaining substantial attention and has even attracted some famous Twitch streamers who have made the switch. For a considerable period, Twitch held an unrivaled position as the dominant streaming platform. However, since November 2022, Twitch has been facing increasing competition, with Kick emerging as a formidable contender aiming to attract more top streamers.

There were initial assumptions that Trainwreckstv, a popular Twitch personality, played a role in Kick's founding. The speculation grew so widespread that Trainwreckstv had to address the rumors himself through a lengthy tweet. It has now been revealed that Kick Streaming is owned by Australian private company Easygo Entertainment, whose founders were previously involved in establishing, a major online crypto-gambling portal.

What is the difference?

Twitch and Kick. At first glance, these two streaming platforms are very similar. What then is their difference? For some reason, many people think that in payouts. But is it? Let’s figure it out!

Twitch currently employs a 50/50 revenue split, meaning that for every dollar a streamer earns, they only receive 50 cents. When accounting for taxes, the final amount is even smaller. Streamers have been attempting to challenge this arrangement, but Twitch remains firm in its stance. This is where Kick comes into the picture.

Kick positions itself as a platform that addresses two perceived shortcomings of Twitch. Firstly, it is a comprehensive banning system that specifically targets individuals deserving of punishment. Secondly, Kick offers a fairer revenue split, with users retaining 95% of their earnings.

It`s probably, Kick appears to be the ideal platform. However, in reality, it faces some problems as it gains a reputation for being "vulgar", serving as an alternative to Twitch. The absence of proper moderation encourages new streamers to push boundaries to the extreme. For instance, there have been incidents where streamers engaged in explicit sexual acts during live broadcasts and only received a one-day ban.

While Kick does provide a higher revenue split compared to Twitch, the overall numbers on the platform are lower. It is projected that Kick currently captures only between 1% - 7% of the total viewership that Twitch enjoys. The demand is low, and as a result, the offerings are limited. In terms of active streamers, Kick accounts for only 2% - 4% of the total compared to Twitch.

Although the revenue split on Kick is favorable, users must put in significant effort to earn every cent.

Rumors around

Many have noticed that the new platform often resorts to information hype in social media. From trolling Twitch for banning Kai Cenat to kidding around with Dan Clancy (Twitch’s CEO) with the platform’s merchandise policy. They also planted rumors about Twitch’s top streamer, Kai Cenat, making platform change after the recent ban situation. The informal face of Kick, Adin Ross, recently claimed the platform made a big offer to Kai. He spoke even about a 40-million-dollar deal. But this rumor was quickly dispelled by Kai himself - he says that's a lie!

Speculations regarding potential alterations in the streaming landscape have sparked concerns about financial matters. The platform Kick has reportedly expressed a desire to recruit numerous streamers, which aligns with their previous intentions to attract top figures from the Twitch streaming community. This information was recently validated by Trainwreckstv and Adin Ross, both popular streamers affiliated with Kick.

These developments bring forth fresh inquiries concerning Kick's ability to secure the financial support of a significant influx of new streamers and implement extensive changes. The purported massive deal and the alleged deceptive proposals made to Kai Cenat raise doubts about how Kick could possess funds in the range of hundreds of millions. Speculations are now mounting regarding the possibility of Kick obtaining financial backing from its parent company, which is involved in operating the gambling platform Stake.

In conclusion

This is only the beginning... what's next? We do not know. We have only to observe. In any case, this should lead to healthy competition, which will have a positive impact on the market. But the question is how the market will look moving forward...

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