Oleg Tytarenko 17 Jul 2023
New Hype Chat from Twitch

Recently, Twitch introduced a new feature called Hype Chat. What is it? Now, creators can earn a share of the revenue from each Hype Chat purchase. And also, this is an additional way for viewers to stand out and reach with streamers.

Let’s look at this tool in more detail…

A distinctive feature of the Hype Chat is that allows viewers in the streamer`s channel to directly purchase messages that are pinned to the top of the chat. Currently, viewers will be able to send chat messages with amounts from $1 to $500 (messages will get pinned to the top of the chat). Higher value Hype Chats will stay at the top of chat longer, have longer allowed character counts, and more standout designs. By the way, Hype Chat will be available with Bits, Subs & Gift Subs. Notice, that viewers have the option to use their local currency to send a pinned chat message, with the length of time the message remains pinned ranging from a few minutes to several hours! The specific duration is determined by the amount of money spent.

Essentially, it is an additional way that creators can earn revenue. Twitch promises that Hype Chat’s revenue split of streamers/Twitch is 70/30. We hope that will happen because at the moment the majority of Twitch's Affiliates & Partners receive a maximum of 50% earned from their audience with the platform retaining the remaining half.

The platform did not forget about safety issues. Hype Chat, at launch, will be integrated with Twitch’s safety features for chat. For example – now users will not be able to send text that contains banned words, will be removed from the queue messages from banned or timed-out viewers, and viewers will be able to make a purchase only if it’s flagged by AutoMod (all messages are scanned). Also, streamers & mods will be able to unpin harmful messages.

At the same time, streamers can set a minimum price (up to $100) for their channel, and even change it after!

And finally, let’s add that at launch, streamers will be able to set up Hype Chat alerts directly via Alerts by Twitch.

P.S. Interesting that this feature is Partner-only at launch. Because the Twitch team thinks Hype Chat will work best in channels that feature fast-moving chat...

In conclusion

It looks like, Twitch is making progress by introducing positive initiatives. However, in comparison to other livestreaming gaming platforms with a variety of features and with a higher percentage of revenue for creators, Twitch still has room for improvement in setting itself apart...

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