Oleg Tytarenko 11 Dec 2022
New Twitch analytics for streamers

Apparently, due to some outflow of streamers and viewers, Twitch is trying to interest users by offering more features. This time the company is going to improve analytics for content creators. After all, most successful streamers always devote time to monitoring the performance of their channel and using this data to expand the audience. By the way, we have previously written on our blog on these topics...

All content creators will now be able to better understand whether their strategy to promote the channel works and apply the data to improve their content strategy. Or, for example, to find out at what time or days it is best to broadcast to reach a larger audience.

How? By tracking their channel’s analytics on the Creator Dashboard. In this way, content creators will receive more detailed data in order to more effectively apply them to achieve their goals. And most importantly, Twitch promises that the information will not be difficult to understand.

However, it is worth noting that all these updates will be implemented as they become available so that streamers can access them more quickly. What will be in these updates?

Introducing these innovations, Twitch is offering content creators redesigning analytics to make it easier to find data, improved data and filters to get a deeper understanding of performance, and educational content to comprehend and apply the information. Some updates are already available; others are expected soon.

Let’s take a closer look at these new features:

1. New category suggestions (feature categories that are popular by the audience but not widely streamed).

2. More intuitive navigation function with six pages (for answers to most commonly asked questions streamers).

3. An experimental viewer engagement panel (information about which moments of your broadcast attracted the most viewers & subscriptions).

4. Improved stream summary email (for understanding how you performed after your stream).

5. Referral analytics graph (visualization of trends in viewers getting to your channel from outside Twitch).

6. Bringing analytics to mobile (data will be available in the mobile app).

7. Tags impression data (will explore how many viewers found your stream due to the tag).

8. Data on best days & times to stream (help you reach more audience).

9. Directional guidance & education (in order to apply these extended data).

In conclusion…

Of course, not all innovations are yet implemented, but Twitch hopes that with their help streamers will be able to better learn: how to set measurable goals or track the results of experiments using analytics. Or perhaps, transform information into actions for growth…

P.S. More information about these updates is available on the official Twitch website.

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