Oleg Tytarenko 30 Jan 2023
Record time spent watching Twitch

Recently, live-streaming platforms have become very popular. It’s no secret that the largest is Twitch. One reason is the extensive coverage of the different layers of audiences through most various of live content. This is confidently evidenced by the statistics of the time spent by users watching Twitch streams last year...

According to the data published by Finbold, in 2022 viewers spent about 1.34 trillion minutes watching content on Twitch. If you calculate these figures for years, it is 2.56 million years! Such huge figures, of course, can surprise many. But let’s not forget about the growing popularity of streaming, which has now become almost the main form of entertainment. For example, the number of active Twitch streamers in 2022 is around 7.03 million.

What drives viewers` activity on Twitch?

This is largely due to the platform’s interactive capabilities, which allow streamers to interact with audiences in real-time. This makes viewers feel community and engagement. About what drives the activity of viewers, we have already written an article on this topic in the blog…

An important factor behind the rise in the popularity of the gaming sector is the long period of the pandemic, which seems went to benefit Twitch. The stay-at-home kept the audience and players, and Twitch as you are known to rally the best gamers from around the world.

Add here, the ability of the live streaming platform to attract a significant number of non-gaming audiences as well. For such viewers, Twitch provides the possibility of a wide choice of other forms of entertainment, such as music, talk shows, or some creative content. This diversity attracts a wider audience.

Currently, there is competition among streaming platforms. Even so, Twitch is still one of the major live-streaming platforms. While YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming are also showing growth, Twitch continues to actively adapt, gradually introducing increasingly useful innovations. For now, this allows the platform to be one step ahead of its competitors. However, the streaming market is constantly developing, which will continue to affect competition among the key players in this industry.

In conclusion

But if you think that in 2022 the Twitch platform only reaped the benefits of success, it is not quite true. The several controversies, which have been widely publicized in the media, have not gone without. This included both the gambling content ban and criticism from content creators who were dissatisfied with the reduced payments. Therefore, in order to somehow smooth the overall impression, during the year, Twitch tried to introduce various improvements and innovations designed to make the platform more convenient for streamers and users...

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