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Sound Alerts Twitch Extension

You can do more to personalize your Twitch streams. One of the specific features of your channel can be Sound Alerts. Simply set up appropriate sound effects to add atmosphere to your broadcast. Don't forget, however, that Twitch alerts are inextricably linked to the reward system.

Bits / Cheers

Through cheering, viewers support your best moments and celebrate that with you.

On Twitch, "Cheers" are used through the monetization of the virtual currency Bits. An affiliate (or partner) receives $0.01 for every Bit they use to Cheer on their channel.

Some value of the stream is determined by the amount of support due to the Cheers. This means good support from the streamer's audience. Try to encourage viewers with sound effects, this will show them that you care about their attention.

For example, if viewers perform (and confirm) an action that requires the use of Bits in an extension on the page of your Twitch channel, you get 80% of 1 US cent (per Bit), and the remaining 20% goes to the extension developers. You can create and customize extensions (web pages) by applying your design. The extensions reside inside Twitch in the sandboxed iframe and interact with the platform through postMessage. This provides additional functionality (showing videos or playing sounds).

Twitch sound alerts

What are Sound Alerts? This extension is listed in Twitch as In-Extension Bits (that is, using Bits to monetize the experience during live streaming).

With this extension, streamers can upload sounds (their own or those of other streamers) and assign them to buttons so viewers can press and play a Sound Alert during a broadcast.

If the streamer has Bits-enabled channels, they can set themselves the number of Bits (for the viewers to use for each sound button). This is how the use of this extension is monetized.

By the way, there is a special leaderboard on Sound Alerts so the audience can see what sounds are best on different streams. Besides, if any viewer initiates a sound on the stream, then Sound Alerts launches a chatbot message (plus an overlay notification for the streamer).

Setup notifications

Now let's look at the setup. To enable the use of sound alerts on your Twitch, you must allow in Soundalerts website, access to your account. Then go to their website, find and log in to the extension dashboard there (using your Twitch credentials).

Using the interface on the dashboard, you can view Twitch alerts and add sounds to your Channel Extension. On the top left side of the menu bar is a library of sounds categorized by Twitch sound clip five types - Funny, Party, Surprised, Angry, Sad.

If you want to take advantage of twitch notifications or stream alerts, then simply log into your TWITCH account. There you will see your username and in the top right corner press the drop-down button. Then go to Settings (gear icon) and find the Notifications tab. Then click on the checkbox to enable (customize) notifications.

The notifications that appear while streaming on the website and apps (or gaming consoles) are called Twitch alerts. You can set them up yourself to be triggered when a new subscriber (follower) arrives. You can also change the sound effects or visuals as you like.

With Twitch alerts, you can get real-time notifications to your audience (in addition to the backend for giving donations and tips). Use them to integrate subscriber (follow) notifications, chatboxes, or donation boxes into your Twitch stream. And then viewers will see these updates right during the livestream.

Setup alerts

Note, only by using the Open Broadcaster Software you can incorporate alerts into the stream. This will allow you to use customizable graphics or layouts, as well as different features like scene transitions. In addition - stream sounds, effects, or alerts are provided by third-party services (you can be linked to software). For example, StreamElements, StreamLabs, or Muxy. This way you can easily customize your stream channel.

Now select services, log in with your Twitch account, and find the dashboard. Further, you can start integrating the chat box, alert box, and also some sources into your stream.

Configure the graphics and appearance (used in plugins) in the dashboard. This will allow you to stand out from other channels and make your audience more engaged.

In addition to all of the above, you can also use Twitch apps like Voice Changer. These special sound effects will help you creatively communicate with your chat and enhance the quality of your stream by engaging your audience in real time.

Royalty-free sound effects

But always keep the copyright in mind, when using sound effects. Only if they are short enough, then you probably won't have a problem with the law. After all, they fall into the so-called "grey area" in copyright law. This is a strictly monitored Digital Millennium Copyright Act (we already wrote about DMCA rules earlier in our article).

Therefore, it's better to use free libraries of royalty-free sound effects which can be useful for you while creating new content.

How to find them? For example, go to ZapSplat. This website deals with sound effects and has a large collection of music, for commercial (and non-commercial) use, including broadcasts. There you can easily find the high-quality, royalty-free music you need for your stream. Their library is updated daily, contains almost every style (genre) of music, and is completely safe for streaming...


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