Oleg Tytarenko 08 Mar 2023
Tips for fixing Twitch error code 5000

While Twitch is considered to be the largest live streaming platform, there are also lagging or some issues, as on other online platforms. Recently, Twitch users have faced such a problem as “error code 5000”. In this case, the message “Content not available” will appear, prohibiting you from viewing certain content.

Do not despair. As practice shows, this problem is usually related to servers. Who knows? Reasons for “error code 5000” on Twitch can be many, from an unstable internet connection and DNS issues to third-party applications. There may be other reasons for this error. For example, maintenance of the system on the platform or maybe there was some unpredictable failure.

Of course, the first thing you’ll have is to contact Twitch Support. You can always contact the team of experts and tell them about your problem. To do this, simply provide them with a link to the broadcast and your account information.

Or you can just close your browser and re-open it. Didn't work?

Well, then let’s look at this problem in more detail and try to fix it together…

Shut down & restart the PC

One of the easiest ways to fix most issues is to restart your PC or other devices. This should reload system resources and solve problems with temporary glitches or bugs that may have caused Twitch`s "error code 5000".

Clear cookies & cache

Corrupted caches and cookies may be the cause of “Error 5000” because the browser uses this data to speed up the loading times of websites.

To fix the problem, open your browser’s user settings, find the History tab, and Clear Browsing Data. Further, re-login to your account and check the result.

Check the Internet connection status

A stable Internet connection is required to view Twitch live content. If you try watching Twitch`s videos, but see "error code 5000" it means that your connection is unstable or slow. Test the status of your Internet connection using special websites like or and possibly restart your router or modem.

Disable 3rd party extensions

Many extensions might be in your browser which makes your experience better. But in the case of using Twitch, this extension might be causing "error code 5000". So, if you can’t watch live content on Twitch, disable your browser extensions first.

Go to Settings, click on the Extensions tab, and disable all the extensions.

Flush DNS

You can flush DNS to fix Twitch "Error 5000". By flushing your DNS cache, your cache of IP addresses and other DNS records will be cleared. Security, internet connectivity, and other problems might be fixed as a result.

For WinXP: type 'cmd' in the desktop search bar and press Enter. After, type 'ipconfig /flushdns' in the Command Prompt, and also press Enter.

For Vista, Windows 7, 8, &10: type the word 'Command' in the desktop search bar. After, right-click the command prompt icon & select "Run as Administrator”. Finally, type 'ipconfig /flushdns'.

Check other video websites

The videos you’re trying to play might not be available, only on Twitch. To check if the issue is isolated on a certain platform, try streaming other websites' shows. If you can play other videos without issues, it means that other video websites are working properly and the Error 5000 problem is in Twitch.

Twitch server’s problem

Twitch is an online platform, and servers are important for delivering live content to its users. That's why offline servers are the often cause of Twitch`s "error code 5000". To check this, you must go to the Twitch Status page. If the problem in Twitch is server related, you won't be able to fix it yourself and the only thing you can do is wait.

In conclusion

As you’ve probably learned from all of the above, Twitch's "error code 5000" is often a problem with the overloaded servers or simply not working correctly. But if none of those fixes work, you must just wait for Twitch Support to fix the problem. Alternatively, can switch to the dedicated desktop app, because only the web version of Twitch suffers from "Error 5000". Last resort, check Downdetector to see if other users are successfully logging on to Twitch...

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