Mark Zherdin 17 Jun 2021
Tips from streamers to promoting your Twitch stream (Part 2)

The second part of the article, which contains popular tips of famous foreign streamers to promote Twitch channels for beginners. Read the first part of our blog.

Like any form of social media blogging, it's not easy to grow on Twitch - but nothing is impossible. Follow the tips below, and you'll see improvements in no time.

1. Put your webcam on the screen.

"Clothes make the man" is a very important proverb, especially if you use Twads.GG stream promotion, because you have no more than 30 seconds to get the viewer interested and increase the viewing time of your stream, and ideally get them to subscribe. One of the first things one pays attention to when watching a new stream is the appearance of the streamer, his manner of sitting at PC, the clothes, and the emotion on his face. It is much more interesting to watch and listen to the streamer, seeing him personally and watch his annoying waving arms, gesticulating after another flop, or stretching his face in a smirk after an easy win.

But do capture one important moment in this point - you shouldn't just "put a face" to your voice, but exactly interact with the audience and the game. Show your emotions, be a real host, imagine that your stream is a talk show.

It is clear that not everyone wants to show their face online, someone is shy or wants to remain anonymous as a person. But why not give your face a chance and see how things go? If it helps, you can always use some kind of disguise to liven up the look. For example, an ugly wig or a funny mask. By the way, the audience is very good to relate to cosplays. Don't be afraid to have fun. Check out Welovegames streams for example, and see how seriously he takes his appearance and the studio environment for each stream.

2. Customize chat commands with the informational bot.

If you stream regularly, we highly recommend creating an informational bot for your chat. The bot can be used in many ways and perform many important functions. The most common ones are:

·         Display welcome messages for new chat viewers;

·         Inform about the stream duration;

·         Publish your contact information, such as social media groups, link to stream schedule, to your website, etc.;

·         Display the answers to frequently asked questions about the game;

·         Automatically run commercials on Twitch at the peak period number of viewers on your stream;

·         Automatically manage giveaways and declare the winner in chat, etc.;

Each streamer can choose the most suitable bot for him, according to the requirements. The most popular is Moobot, but you can also use Nightbot, Wizardbot, and others. Their use is free, but their wide functionality will help improve your stream.

3. Displaying interesting unobtrusive "widgets"/ screen overlays.

Properly superimposed and decorated visual elements can improve your Twitch broadcast. You've probably seen many of these in other streamers.

But few people understand that when connecting them, you need to use certain design principles so that your viewers do not go crazy with ugly motley fonts, lots of color palettes, and running elements all over the screen.

Use only what matters. Don't overload your screen. Remember that the overlay is an extra element, and it shouldn't distract the viewer from what's most important: the game. What they most often recommended is:

·         Beautiful webcam borders that would match the general atmosphere of the stream.

·         Channel name or streamer nickname in a prominent place.

·         Nicknames of new subscribers and donators.

·         The current number of viewers on the stream and chat.

·         Donation goal bar for a specific purpose.

4. Treat haters with caution.

There's a simple rule on the Internet that applies to almost any social media platform: the more you grow and succeed, the more chances you are to encounter haters. And this is also true for Twitch. Every popular streamer has a certain percentage of haters attacking him in a chat for an occasion or no reason.

So what's the right thing to do with haters on Twitch? It's simple... Block them and move on. It is better to stay out and don`t discuss with them. This can damage your reputation and possibly distract from the gameplay. It's best to focus on what's important - the positivity of your channel and viewer community.

5. Number 2 ranked in old games.

Although the first part of this article advised you to play the most popular games possible, there are several other equally successful strategies. If you are a complete beginner, your stream in the popular categories will be "buried" with the other beginners after a mile of page scrolling. So finally, the average user doesn't always scroll down the list to see everyone who is streaming the game they are interested in. Viewers always start at the top and descend slowly.

However, there is a method that can sometimes make miracles.

There are days when you enter on Twitch and stumble upon an older game, which for some unknown reason, has become very popular on this day. In most cases, the reason for this is that some very popular streamers decided to play it for fun. This is your chance to launch your stream and play the same game, greatly increasing your chances of becoming the second top streamer in this category. And if not second, maybe third or fourth. In any case, use this opportunity to your advantage. Curiosity from random viewers will take care of the rest.

Let's start boost your views today

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