Oleg Tytarenko 20 Aug 2023
Twitch added Featured Clips analytics

In order to maintain its level of success, Twitch has recently announced a whole host of new features to help keep users. One of them Featured Clips has already been implemented. We have written on this topic before, now we will talk about Featured Clips analytics...

Twitch has integrated Featured Clips views into the Overview chart in the creator`s Analytics. This addition aims to assist streamers in gauging the performance of their Featured Clips in relation to Clips that are not featured.

By choosing “Clip Views” from the dropdown menu in the Overview chart, streamers can compare the combined views of their Featured Clips with those of non-Featured Clips over a specific time period.

The Twitch team is currently in the process of enhancing the analytics for Featured Clips, intending to provide creators with more comprehensive insights over time. This improvement aims to give creators a clearer understanding of the placement of their Featured Clips on Twitch and identify which Clips are driving the highest number of viewers back to their channel…

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