Oleg Tytarenko 17 Sep 2021
Twitch Affiliate vs Partner: expert

But many gamers can't figure out the difference between a Twitch affiliate and Twitch partner. At first glance, they do seem absolutely similar. Do you don't see any difference either? Then in this article, we'll try to explain to you the differences between these concepts.

In one of our articles, we already told you how to get a Twitch affiliate with TWADS.GG.

What about Twitch partner program?

Now let's talk to you about what a Twitch partner is. To become a Twitch partner program, you must already be a Twitch affiliate and apply for partnership. By becoming a Twitch partner you will not only make money, but you will also get income from Twitch ads. And a lot of different additional bonuses, such as a verified channel badge, access to video transcoding and priority partner support, custom Cheermotes, the ability to unlock 50 custom sub emotes and get a share of the revenue from advertising displayed on the stream, and you can also store your past broadcasts instead of 14 days as much as two months! And don't forget that Twitch partners have special status at gaming events and can also enter the cool Twitch Partner lounge!

How do I join the Twitch Partner program? First, you need to submit an application. There are no requirements, such as the number of views and subscribers, here. But there are some things that Twitch pays attention to. For example stream frequency and schedule, content, as well as the average viewership of at least eighty viewers.

Twitch is looking for partners with a strong core of loyal viewers, those streamers who will be good brand ambassadors for Twitch. And a concurrent audience is also important, as you have to be consistent in order for viewers to like your content. So just try to do your job well.

What about Twitch Affiliate program?

Many people want to become a Twitch affiliate and start really making money with gaming. But getting a place in the affiliate program is not that easy. For this, the streamer must already have certain achievements and only then he can get an invitation from Twitch. But then, you really try to build on this permanent career and will receive income from the bits, subscriptions, and even income from advertising. That is, at the expense of this program, you will compensate for your labor, time, and money.

Don't know how to become a Twitch affiliate to earn gaming? For this you need to meet certain requirements set by Twitch, for example: on average you need to have at least three concurrent viewers or even more, you need to have at least seven broadcast days, you need to have at least fifty followers and for the last month you need to have about five hundred minutes of the broadcast.

Of course, achieving this result is not easy. Especially for beginner streamers. So, move persistently to your goal, and one day you will receive the long-awaited letter from Twitch.

What about advantages of each program?

So at the end, which is better, being a Twitch partner or Twitch affiliate? There are benefits to each program.

Advantages of Twitch partner:

1) You can monetize your channel by unlocking the use of ads in your stream and receive a portion of the revenue, you don't have to wait for subscribers to give you money through Bits.

2) You can earn extra money through subscriptions on your channel.

3) No quality restrictions on your channel, which means you can have high-resolution videos and speed.

4) The ability to play closed-betas at game events provided to you by game developers.

Advantages of Twitch affiliate:

1) You can make money from your followers through subscriptions.

2) You can make money through Bits.

3) You can make money from game sales.

Now let's look at this issue, in more detail.

As Twitch affiliates, you can accept subscriptions on your channel for $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99. There's also a free subscription with Twitch Prime. For different prices, subscribers will get their own benefits. For example, subscriber badges and exclusive emoticons or ad-free viewing.

With Bits, your subscribers encourage you while streaming. You'll receive a portion of the revenue when a follower uses them to buy virtual goods.

During your broadcast, Twitch inserts an offer below the video to sell the game you're playing or the in-game items you use. When one of your viewers buys that game, you will receive 5% of the profit.

What about disadvantages of each program?

Now, as you have already understood - both of these programs we described above are good in their own way. After all, every gamer in the world probably dreams about turning his gaming hobby into a profitable one. But wait to rejoice, counting the possible profits. It's not as easy as it looks! For example, these Twitch programs have several limitations related to content exclusivity:

1) You can't multi-stream your content on YouTube / Mixer, as a Twitch affiliate / partner.

2) You cannot share your streams on other platforms for twenty-four hours after.

What you want to choose is up to you! But Twitch programs don't have to be an end in themselves. Just strive to be the best at what you do, and Twitch will definitely pay attention to you...

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