Oleg Tytarenko 31 Jul 2023
Twitch introducing Stories format

In October, Twitch, much like other large social media, will roll out its own version of Stories. These Stories will be visible on the Following page of Twitch's mobile app, and content creators will have the option to make them accessible to the general public or restrict them to paying subscribers…

It's important to note that these Stories must adhere to Twitch's Community Guidelines and will be subject to moderation through automated text and image scanning technology.

The format of these Stories will be familiar to many - short-lived clips, images, text updates, and polls. What sets Twitch`s Stories apart is the exciting feature that allows all to share them with all their Twitch followers or exclusively with their subscribers.

The interesting thing is Instagram has already lifted the feature from Snapchat eight years ago. Even LinkedIn would adopt Stories before Twitch. Nevertheless, Twitch has now announced that its users will be able to start recording their own Stories already this fall.

In conclusion

Stories are one of a handful of features Twitch recently announced. There will also be many other useful features that the platform plans to launch this year. We wrote about this earlier in our article. It looks like Twitch is very motivated by competition with Kick...

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