Oleg Tytarenko 06 Apr 2023
Twitch was right about changes?

Probably everyone remembers the changes that the Twitch management announced last year. We featured this in our articles sometime back…

How it was justified on the platform?

But despite some recent controversies, Twitch believes that now is the best time to be a content creator on its platform. And there have outlined a number of initiatives to improve the experience of creators on the platform.

These include investing in new monetization products, such as the ad incentive program, and building new tools like "Guest Star", which allows streamers to easily feature other creators or their audience in a live stream.

Twitch is also working on building audiences and making the audience a part of the entertainment.

In a recent interview with Twitch's chief product officer, Tom Verrilli, and chief monetization officer, Mike Minton, has responded to the criticism of the platform's 50/50 subscription revenue split and explained how Twitch plans to improve its offerings to streamers in the face of competition from rivals like Kick, which offers a much higher split.

Contrary to Kick's 95/5 revenue split is attractive to streamers, Twitch is committed to its approach and plans to make the platform more lucrative for streamers through product innovations and sponsorships. For instance, Twitch's ad incentive program has been successful, and the platform is developing a new feature called "Guest Star".

While some streamers may move into YouTube or Kick due to Twitch's refusal to increase the subscription split, the platform hopes to retain its position as the most lucrative place to stream.

Although there were some negative reactions to a change in revenue share percentage last year, the Twitch team is committed to continuing to improve its monetization products and increasing the amount of money a streamer earns.

In an interview with The Verge in March 2023, Tom Verrilli said: "We want to make it easier for creators to take their amazing Twitch content and distribute it, but we also need to take more responsibility for delivering viewers straight to streamers while they are on Twitch".

In conclusion

Ultimately, only further experience will show whether these changes in Twitch’s policy will be helpful. Let's leave it to the streamers to say the final word and deliver the verdict. In any case, Twitch believes that fostering and supporting the community is the best way to help streamers on its platform…

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