Oleg Tytarenko 27 Jul 2023
xQc made an AI version of himself

Being considered the King of Twitch, xQc has had a complicated relationship with the platform lately, particularly due to its new policies on sponsored content. This led him to sign a significant deal with the emerging streaming platform Kick, which sparked debates about its worthiness but also contributed to his controversial popularity. But still, Lengyel is currently one of the most prominent streamers, known for his diverse content. Now he`s moved to a new level of streaming, replacing himself with AI. Looks like this is the future...

Despite streaming on both Twitch and Kick, xQc's fast manner of speaking remains a consistent point of contention for fans, seen as a barrier to accessing his content. Although he has a massive fan base, some viewers find it challenging to understand him due to his unique way of speaking, which has drawn criticism. Now an unusual channel xQc_AI has become available on Twitch, where broadcasts are carried out by a “clone” of Felix xQc Lengyel.

It turns out xQc used AI to generate his own image, which confused some viewers who didn't notice the alteration. The community was astonished.

On the stream, the xQc_AI has a fully functional webcam and can answer chat messages. A video showing an AI playing Only Up quickly went viral on Twitter! For 101 hours on live, 8.5K people subscribed to it. At its peak, the neural network streamer gets 1.5K viewers on the broadcast.

On Twitter, fans began to joke that xQc_AI's speech is much more understandable than that of the real Lengyel. The latter noted that he had problems with the speed of pronunciation.

Probably, Minecraft speedruns are to blame for this, during which he must act as quickly as possible. When watching his own replays, the xQc admitted that he himself does not understand what he is saying…

In conclusion

Anyway, we’ll keep an eye out for further developments. But if this keeps up, it looks like real streamers are about to have a less-than-optimistic future. What do you think of AI xQc? His speech is more clear to you than the original?

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