Oleg Tytarenko 12 Feb 2023
5 mistakes of beginner streamers

Streaming is not only a hobby but also a hard job. Skills come only with experience. So it’s not surprising that beginner streamers are so prone to make mistakes. But, what mistakes are made most often? After doing a little research, we have found out the most common of them. Now let’s look at them in more detail...

Use this data to avoid traps that are hit by others. Because for many new streamers, a lack of knowledge or erratic behavior can prevent growing their Twitch channel or even embarrass them in front of an audience.

Five of the most common mistakes made by beginners:

1. Not engaging with the audience

Of course, recording your voice while streaming is the main way all streamers interact with their audiences. But you should not forget about such a tool of communication as chat. After all, when you do not know what to talk about, just check the presence of new questions.

I know what you’re thinking - many top streamers are successfully using ChatBot. But first, greet the audience or answer their questions yourself. Viewers will appreciate your attention and will come back to continue their communication. This connection between the streamer and its audience makes the experience unique.

2. Playing oversaturated games

Certainly, games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, or League of Legends are very popular on Twitch today. But do not think they will help you increase the number of views or subscribers. Because the army of fans of these games, already belongs to the most famous streamers. Twitch is oversaturated! And viewers will be harder to find you among a thousand others. So don’t waste your time.

It's better to start with a less popular niche game. Because if fewer streamers play it, you can stand out and become more recognizable. And later, when you expand your audience, you can switch to any other game. The main thing is that it should be similar to the one you are already playing. This way you won't lose your viewers.

3. Switching between different platforms

The normal desire of a streamer is to expand the audience using multiple platforms. And no one is saying it should be just one live streaming platform. In addition to Twitch, you can also stream on YouTube, Facebook, etc., or maybe reuse your Twitch stream video (VOD). But you need to make sure that you do not switch too often between these platforms. Otherwise, your regular viewers will have trouble finding your streaming.

If you already have a fan base on one of the platforms, such as Twitch, announce to your audience the time and day you try out games on YouTube Gaming or Facebook Gaming. Then your viewers will go to these platforms to watch your gameplay.

By the way, you can use the software for streaming. This will allow you to stream simultaneously from any live streaming platform.

4. Neglecting the stream quality

Always remember the quality of your stream and work in this direction. This is important! And it’s not just the right software settings for streaming.

It is not enough just to turn on the camera and the microphone. You should always check the lighting, sound, video quality, and many other aspects. Therefore, before starting the stream, we recommend testing the equipment by short recording. There’s nothing worse than having technical problems.

Check the video on the lags and the clarity of the image. What about the sound? Is the light well exposed? Notice if your background will distract the audience.

In this case, quality streaming equipment also plays an important role. Never save on quality! After all, providing viewers with quality live content can make your brand the best in the eyes of your audience.    

5. Waiting for sponsors

Making money on streaming is not easy. There is no guarantee that it will provide you with a stable income. Even if you have been broadcasting for several years. Because donations may not be enough.

It is known that streamers earn the most on affiliate links. But do not be discouraged if at first you will not be offered any affiliate links or sponsorship. The important thing is to keep working! Promote your streams, collaborate with other channels, and share an account for donations. Wait a bit and you will see that over time the donations from the audience will become more, and the affiliate link will also appear soon.

In conclusion

Of course, we didn’t tell about all the mistakes of beginner streamers, but only about the most common. However, we know that is not so easy to grow your brand and channel. Especially for beginners. So if you manage to avoid common mistakes, you can save a lot of time and effort. Because, you should direct the energy in the right direction, and not on empty entertainment. And believe me, your viewers will appreciate it…

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